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Cisco Aironet - 2600

Cisco Aironet
Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN)
Access Points
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The new Cisco® Aironet® 2600 Series Access Point delivers the most advanced features in its class - with great performance, functionality, and reliability at a great price. The 802.11n based Aironet 2600 Series includes 3x4 MIMO, with three spatial streams, plus Cisco CleanAir™, ClientLink 2.0™, and VideoStream technologies, to help ensure an interference-free, high-speed wireless application experience. Second only to the Cisco Aironet 3600 Series in performance and features, the Aironet 2600 Series sets the new standard for enterprise wireless technology.
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Testing Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solutions
Testing Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solutions
Cisco provides many applications as a part of this solution; Hosted Collaboration Fulfillment-Mediation (HCM-F), Cisco Prime Collaboration Assurance, Cisco Unified Call Manage(CUCM), Cisco Unified Presence(CUP), Cisco Unity Connection(CUCxN), Cisco Unified Operation Manager (CUOM), and Cisco Prime License Manager. There are many communications technologies linking the different components: SOAP, REST, XML, SNMP, Cisco IOS, LDAP, VOIP, Telnet and SSH. They all need to be verified for various combinations of scenarios, features and scalability. That is a huge task which would need many different tools to be used and configured. Instead Cisco decided to use one tool that can provide all the test environments they need, MIMIC Web and SNMP Simulator.
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