Deepfield Robotics (Bosch) Hardware BoniRob - Adaptable Multi-purpose Robotic Platform
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BoniRob - Adaptable Multi-purpose Robotic Platform

Deepfield Robotics (Bosch)
BoniRob - Adaptable Multi-purpose Robotic Platform
Wheeled Robots
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 Open website
BoniRob is a multi-purpose robotic platform for applications in agriculture. Its four independently steerable drive wheels and the ability to adjust its trackwidth make BoniRob highly maneuverable.
BoniRob can be run purely on batteries or connected to a generator to extend its range and usage time.

BoniRob can be retrofitted and upgraded with exchangeable application modules (tools).

BoniRob can navigate autonomously along plant rows (e.g. dams) in the field, carrying the application module (tool) as it goes.

Environmental sensors (e.g. Lidar), inertial sensors, wheel odometry and (optionally) GPS are mounted for row detection and navigation.

Functions that make BoniRob versatile and easy to use:
- Powerful simulation and development environment
- Software libraries with intelligent mobility functions
- Interfaces for extending and adapting the machine
- Data logging and management capabilities
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