SAP Case Studies Predictive Maintenance case-studies from Minerals Industry

Predictive Maintenance case-studies from Minerals Industry

Predictive Maintenance

To develop a reliable and integrated asset management platform:

The objective of the platform was to support condition-based monitoring in order to keep in check the asset’s health, predict failure or breakdowns and ensure proactive maintenance decision-making on the basis of the historic data.

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A large iron ore mining company in Australia

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The implementation of this method of proactive maintenance was done by Advisian through specific software installation and configurations for condition-based monitoring.

Advisian successfully completed successful integration of SAP PM (predictive maintenance) which is a functional module to manage equipment on the production floor.

They also developed a maintenance strategy for their clients, which helped them achieve health and performance monitoring for critical mine processing equipment.

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Equipment Status, field data
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Mature (technology has been on the market for > 5 years)
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[Cost Reduction - Maintenance]

The evident outcomes resulted in a cost efficient predictive maintenance approach

[Efficiency Improvement - OEE]

A significant reduction of equipment downtime

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