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Water District Improves Meter Read Accuracy

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Water District Improves Meter Read Accuracy - Sensus (Xylem) Industrial IoT Case Study
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Headquartered in Perris, California, EMWD provides services to seven cities in Riverside County and is California’s sixth-largest water agency. With 795,000 individuals served and counting, the Southern California water provider is quickly installing meters to keep up with its expanding customer base. In the past four years alone, the utility has installed more than 7,000 new residential and commercial meters. With a growing number of customers to gather data from each month and California’s ongoing drought creating new regulatory challenges, the organization needed to conserve time and water.

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Eastern Municipal Water District
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EMWD deployed the Sensus FlexNet® communication network to improve operations and meet the needs of a growing population. The utility now relies on the FlexNet system to read meters remotely, a vast improvement over manual reads. In fact, EMWD now reads more than 52,000 meters using Sensus technology. In addition, EMWD uses FlexNet to: Collect accurate data in a timely manner Generate reports for customers Analyze usage Conserve water Improve operational efficiency

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Electricity Meters, Gas Meters, Water Usage
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