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Vodafone NZ's Digital Transformation Journey Through Simplified Processes

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About The Customer
Vodafone New Zealand is a leading telecom service provider offering a range of services including mobile networks, online television, broadband, and other related services. The company also retails mobile phones and accessories. Operating in a fast-paced environment, Vodafone NZ is constantly dealing with changing technology, increasing customer demands, and growing competition. The company's goal is to simplify its processes to provide better and faster services to its customers, while also reducing the complexity of managing these demands for its employees.
The Challenge
Vodafone New Zealand, a telecom service provider, was grappling with the increasing complexity of managing customer demands in a rapidly evolving technological environment. The industry's shift towards digital-first solutions and simplicity for customers was putting immense pressure on the services Vodafone needed to provide. This included new service locations, increased traffic demand, and faster services, all of which required accurate modelling, efficient monitoring of complex networks, and smart capital expenditure on network builds. The company was also dealing with a vast amount of data from various sources, which was being handled differently by different teams. This approach was manageable when demand was low and network complexity was under control, but as customer needs grew, the company needed to simplify its processes and be proactively prepared for change.
The Solution
Vodafone NZ turned to Alteryx, a data analytics platform, to simplify its processes and bring together its teams with different skill sets. Alteryx allowed the company to respond quickly to business needs and keep track of modelling changes, thereby improving overall network modelling and performance monitoring automation capability. The company implemented a structured process to identify use cases, provide Alteryx support, set up a Scrum board for each use case, and reflect and deploy the solutions. This approach made the process easy, self-paced, and practical, and it was designed to break down self-doubts about coding and data science. The company also reached out to teams from different domains, asking them to pick one low complexity and highly repetitive task they had to do as part of their work. Alteryx provided trial licenses for every user and gave them access to different levels of training through the Alteryx Discovery Program.
Operational Impact
  • The implementation of Alteryx led to several operational benefits for Vodafone NZ. The investment in the platform stimulated collaboration and knowledge sharing among the teams, as the Alteryx Extract, Load, Transform (ELT) process was self-explanatory and easy to follow. This empowered the users to automate their own and their colleagues' Business As Usual (BAU) tasks, saving them time spent on tedious Excel modelling and analysis of different web reports. The process also became super easy, enabling the team to focus on higher valued tasks and leaving the repetitive tasks for Alteryx to handle. The company's response time improved significantly, allowing it to provide the business with the answers it needed quickly and efficiently. This was particularly beneficial during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, when traffic patterns changed drastically due to more people working from home.

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