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 Visual CPQ Solution - IoT ONE Case Study
The Customer
About The Customer

Montana Furniture is a family-owned company, established in 1982, leading within storage and furniture for private homes and contemporary office spaces. The company is founded by Peter J. Lassen, who is also the designer of the Montana system.

All Montana modules are designed, developed, and made in Denmark. Every day, in a small town on the island of Funen over 140 professionals work hard to uphold the highest standards of processing, painting, and assembling – making sure that your Montana furniture will last a lifetime.

The Challenge

There are endless ways to configure Montana modules. Whatever the room, the customer is able to find the perfect solution and thus fulfill the company’s slogan of ‘creating space for individuality’. The sheer number of available options used to be a challenge for Montana, because in practice the salespeople had to provide considerable guidance. The time from initial interest to final sale was long and involved extensive use of physical catalogs.

But according to Jan Axelsen, store manager of Montana Store in Copenhagen, the biggest challenge was that the customer could only imagine what the assembled solution might look like in their own home. Would the color be right? And how would the modular configuration actually work in practice? There are without doubt some customers who were a little surprised when they opened their boxes.

The Solution

The VividWorks Visual CPQ solution turns the customer into a bit of a designer. Via an intuitive program on Montana Furniture’s website, the customer can build their own shelving unit as a 3D visualization, adding colors and combinations as they require. They can even rotate their design to view it from any angle.

Allowing the customer to explore the Montana universe – and see their personal solution in practice – makes a big difference according to Jan Axelsen. It means the customer is really well-prepared when they turn up at the store in Bredgade to finalize details. The customer’s solution is often ready to order – sometimes all the salesperson and customer need to do is make a few final adjustments together. Even though the program displays the final shelving solution, it’s always nice for the customer to see the colors and sizes in real life.

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