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Video surveillance and video capturing

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 Video surveillance and video capturing - IoT ONE Case Study
The Challenge

Video surveillance and video capturing are accessed in a limited location from a central setup for surveillance. Supp user places a camera in one particular room which is to be a monitor for security purpose if the user wants to go to the remote location and still he wants to monitor that same room for security, and then the user can make use of remote surveillance system by use of mobile through internet facility.

Surveillance, depending on the situation, may also involve a serious invasion of the privacy of the persons filmed by the cameras. It is therefore important when planning, installing and operating such systems to pay special attention to the rules on the protection of privacy. So mobility application makes it easy to stay connected to your surveillance system when you can’t physically be on location.

We develop the video-based mobile application, which is used to receive the live video stream from the external camera device and also internal camera device. The application developed for both Android and iOS mobile device platforms.

The Solution


•    Application as used to receiving real-time video streaming by using both external camera device (Embedded device) and internal camera (Mobile camera)

•    The application can interface with the external camera device using Ethernet 802.11. (Wi-Fi connectivity) communication protocol

•    Take a snapshot while watching live video streams or playback by clicking on the capture icon

•    Provides complete access to all recorded videos on recording devices eliminating location and distance barriers

•    The application can interface to show the external embedded camera device status such as camera device battery status, SD card availability status

•    Application setting features include adjusting the camera resolution, mic level adjuster, flicker frequency, and external camera GPS information for real-time tracking

•    Accelerometer-based PAN/TILT controls, touch gesture-based control

•    Secured access with external device connectivity


•    Objective-C and Xcode Development

•    Android Studio

Operating Systems

•    Android 4.0 or higher

•    Apple iOS 9 or higher

Challenges and Risks

Application connectivity via certificate-based network access, and utilize per-app VPNs that encrypt data in transit.

Extensive experience with the right skill to reduce time to market for this application.

•    Image processing

•    Video analytics

•    Mobile OS

Achieving video latency of less than 1 sec (JPEG/PNG streams).

Performance on concurrent usage.

Access memory usage reduction.


Quantitative Benefit
  • Application Benefits
    •    Maximum sustained throughput to prevent video loss and image degradation.
    •    Start small and grow with predictive, linear, multi-petabyte scalability.
    •    Eliminates downtime and protects against critical liabilities associated with data .loss.
    •    Compute infrastructure without the added cost and complexity.

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