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Veeco Services: IoT-Enabled Lighting Retrofit Reduces Energy Costs by 75%

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 Veeco Services: IoT-Enabled Lighting Retrofit Reduces Energy Costs by 75% - IoT ONE Case Study
Technology Category
  • Functional Applications - Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)
  • Sensors - Optical Sensors
Applicable Functions
  • Maintenance
  • Warehouse & Inventory Management
Use Cases
  • Picking, Sorting & Positioning
  • Smart Lighting
  • System Integration
The Customer
About The Customer
Veeco Services is a full-service logistics provider that was founded in 1968. The company specializes in planning and executing shipments for national, regional, local, or consumer direct transactions. Veeco is headquartered in North Bergen, NJ, where it operates a 615,000 square foot warehouse. The warehouse is equipped with 117 dock doors and has more than 34,000 pallet locations. Veeco recently upgraded its racking system, adding more rows and narrow aisles, which necessitated a revamp of the existing lighting system.
The Challenge
Veeco Services, a full-service logistics provider, was facing significant challenges with its warehouse lighting system. A lighting audit conducted in January 2019 revealed that the high-intensity discharge (HID) fixtures lighting Veeco’s 615,000 square feet warehouse were inefficient, costly to maintain, and emitted poor levels of lighting. The warehouse, which has 117 dock doors and more than 34,000 pallet locations, had recently upgraded to a new racking system that added more rows and narrow aisles. This change necessitated a revamp and retrofit of the existing HID lighting system to improve safety and efficiency. The challenge was to find a solution that would not only enhance lighting quality but also integrate with IoT technology for real-time adjustments based on environmental and occupancy changes.
The Solution
Veeco Services decided to replace the existing HID lighting system with a more efficient and flexible solution. A detailed photometric study of the new aisles and loading dock area was conducted, leading to the creation of an improved lighting design using 168-watt high bay LEDs. To integrate IoT capabilities, Veeco installed the Enlighted IoT platform, which included Enlighted’s smart sensors. These sensors allowed for real-time adjustments of lighting based on environmental and occupancy changes in the warehouse. The solution provided a user-friendly control interface for making changes and updates to lighting groups and profiles, allowing for flexible customization over time. This combination of high-efficiency LED fixtures and smart, IoT-enabled controls resulted in a significant reduction in energy and maintenance costs.
Operational Impact
  • The installation of the Enlighted IoT platform and high-efficiency LED fixtures has brought about significant operational improvements for Veeco Services. The accurate occupancy sensors and flexible lighting control have resulted in a more efficient and safer working environment. The low-maintenance LED fixtures have also reduced the time and resources spent on lighting maintenance. Furthermore, the user-friendly control interface allows for easy changes and updates to lighting groups and profiles, providing Veeco with the flexibility to customize their lighting system as needed over time. This has not only improved the operational efficiency of the warehouse but also significantly reduced its environmental impact.
Quantitative Benefit
  • Reduced lighting energy load by 59 percent
  • Achieved energy savings of 804,725 kWh
  • Reduced energy costs by $122,318

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