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Testing Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solutions

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The Customer
About The Customer
Cisco HCS is a flexible, agile and efficient Cloud Collaboration infrastructure. It can help businesses to more quickly deploy applications to promote productivity. Cisco HCS offers highly secure collaboration solutions for public, private, and hybrid clo
The Challenge
Cisco provides many applications as a part of this solution; Hosted Collaboration Fulfillment-Mediation (HCM-F), Cisco Prime Collaboration Assurance, Cisco Unified Call Manage(CUCM), Cisco Unified Presence(CUP), Cisco Unity Connection(CUCxN), Cisco Unified Operation Manager (CUOM), and Cisco Prime License Manager. There are many communications technologies linking the different components: SOAP, REST, XML, SNMP, Cisco IOS, LDAP, VOIP, Telnet and SSH. They all need to be verified for various combinations of scenarios, features and scalability. That is a huge task which would need many different tools to be used and configured. Instead Cisco decided to use one tool that can provide all the test environments they need, MIMIC Web and SNMP Simulator.
The Solution
Cisco test engineers have created a scalable environment using MIMIC with many Cisco routers, switches, Cisco VOIP and third-party phones. They are able to easily execute their scale testing for HCS Customer On-Boarding. They are able to configure and control MIMIC through a JAVA-based API, which allows them to create various test scenarios and use them as needed. They can test all of hosted solution related applications by doing discovery using SNMP, SOAP and Restful queries, use SSL to provision DNS zones, implement directory services with LDAP and SSH to configure and monitor devices.

Cisco’s HCS group has been using MIMIC Simulator for more than a year. MIMIC helps the group record their physical test lab, duplicate it as a simulated lab and then scale to thousands of devices. They can create many complex topologies, and test scenarios using the simulated lab. MIMIC makes it easy to deploy networks and devices, modify the configuration, test applications, save the environment and tear it down for the next test. They are able to easily create many pathological device and network conditions, which are very hard to setup using the real lab. It also saves a significant amount in the budget by reducing the cost of hardware, various tools, space and network engineer’s time to setup everything up.

Cisco selected MIMIC because of its rich feature set, scalability, open architecture, and userfriendly interface. By using MIMIC, Cisco now has saved time and money in their QA process.
Operational Impact
  • [Efficiency Improvement - R&D]
    Able to test the applications related to Hosted Collaboration Solutions (Cisco HCS) thoroughly for every release.
  • [Efficiency Improvement - Time To Market]
    Reduced time-to-market for new products.
  • [Cost Reduction - Capital Investment]
    Reduced capital expenditures while ensuring high product quality.

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