Stratoscale Case Studies Stratoscale & SanDisk | Transforming DevTest Deployment Process
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Stratoscale & SanDisk | Transforming DevTest Deployment Process

Stratoscale & SanDisk | Transforming DevTest Deployment Process
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Western Digital R&D teams continuously run testing cycles, as a part of the organization’s mission to deliver innovative products to a wide variety of customers. DevTest projects require setting up and customizing physical servers; these are not only resource intensive tasks, but also time-consuming and often result in a slow time-to-market. Scaling up and out adds another layer of complexity, especially given the difficulty of managing various hardware configurations.

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Stratoscale Symphony Software-Defined Hyperconverged Private Cloud includes holistic on-prem solution that covers the entire datacenter stack in addition to advanced cloud capabilities that are delivered on-prem.  Secdonly the Private Cloud includes freedom of choice, which is deployed on any commodity x86 server, enabling maximal utilization of existing hardware.

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Cutting Edge (technology has been on the market for < 2 years)
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[Efficiency Improvement - Deployment]
The lab environment deployment process has been significantly simplified and enables setting up of 100s of VMs in minutes, as well as consolidating multiple labs on heterogeneous hardware. Stratoscale’s self-service user experience offers templates for physical and virtual servers for simple, easy and quick deployment for projects.
[Efficiency Improvement - Operation]
Stratoscale Symphony utilizes hyperconvergence to increase utilization, while ensuring high availability; Symphony’s flexibility enables the management of mixed workloads via a single pane of glass.
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