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Robotic Surgery Training in Japan

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 Robotic Surgery Training in Japan - IoT ONE Case Study
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  • Analytics & Modeling - Digital Twin / Simulation
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  • Healthcare & Hospitals
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  • Product Research & Development
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  • Virtual Training
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The Challenge

The existence of the robotic skills lab was clearly attractive to the surgical residents. Physicians required training on new robotic surgery techniques for prostatectomy and other skills and procedures.

The Customer

Matto Central Hospital

About The Customer

Matto Central Hospital in Hakusan, Japan was established in 1948, to provide regional medical services.  The use of the new da Vinci robotic surgery equipment required hands-on training and experience.

The Solution

The hospital purchased a Robotix Mentor training simulator so that the physicians can learn robotic surgery. Now the program is being expanded to include residents.

3D Systems is the surgical simulator leader and the Simbionix Robotix Mentor has advanced, highly life-like prostatectomy modules

The robotic prostatectomy course is comprised of two parts: finishing Robotix Mentor prostatectomy modules, followed by using the dry box practice with the real da Vinci surgical system. Before the actual surgery, at least 20 hours of training are needed.  The goal is to get comfortable handling the da Vinci surgical system.  Free-hand procedural modules are used to practice surgeries before going into the OR.

Operational Impact

  • The RobotiX Mentor has generated considerable interest in robotic surgery and urology, as well as provided physicians and residents with the knowledge and skills needed prior to working with patients.

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