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Real-Time Dispatch System

 Real-Time Dispatch System - IoT ONE Case Study
The Challenge

At Mitsuiwa, Customer Engineers (CE) respond to more than 1,000 customer requests (including maintenance personnel, security guards, caregivers, and more) every month. In the past, an operator would receive a request, refer to the personnel’s skills and schedule, and then contact multiple by phone or e-mail to find a match, taking an average of 30 minutes per case to complete. When working at the customer’s location or on the move, the personnel were often not available to take a call. This meant the operators had to contact them again and again, resulting in frustration for CEs and a longer response time for customers.

In addition, due to the national decrease in the working population caused by the declining birthrate and aging population, it is difficult to hire more operators and maintenance personnel to quickly respond to issues.

The Real-Time Dispatch System was developed to optimize operations within a limited workforce and resolve these challenges.

The Customer
About The Customer

Mitsuiwa Corporation is an information technology and services company based out of Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan. Mitsuiwa Corporation offers information network services. The Company provides system integration, network system supporting, system operation support, and other services. Mitsuiwa also provides network equipment, electronic devices, and other products.

The Solution

Intelligent Personnel Assignment

By utilizing Vantiq, Mitsuiwa’s dispatch system is now able to automatically select the appropriate responder for the request, confirm availability and schedule a time, and collect the work completion report after the job is done all with minimal input from Customer Engineers (CEs).

Seamless Human-Machine Collaboration

One of the biggest challenges for Mitsuiwa is receiving timely and accurate feedback from their various service personnel while they are in the field. This led to Customer Engineers (CEs) having to contact service personnel multiple times throughout the process in order to ensure everything was going as planned and advise on the next steps.


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