Opti Case Studies Rainwater Harvesting System Minimizes Wet-Weather Discharge
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Rainwater Harvesting System Minimizes Wet-Weather Discharge

Rainwater Harvesting System Minimizes Wet-Weather Discharge - Opti Industrial IoT Case Study
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The USEPA and General Service Administration upgraded an existing 6,000-gallon capacity rainwater harvesting system at the USEPA headquarters to minimize wet-weather discharge while maintaining water availability for irrigation.

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United States Environmental Protection Agency

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OptiNimbus was incorporated into the rainwater harvesting system, providing the forecast-based logic necessary to discharge water in advance of rain events. This provides the USEPA with the flexibility to maximize environmental benefits of their rainwater harvesting system and also meter, record, and monitor inputs and outputs of the cisterns over time. OptiNimbus for rainwater harvesting has improved the functionality of USEPA's existing cisterns by reducing wet-weather discharges and providing year-round irrigation. OptiNimbus significantly increased the return on investment for their rainwater harvesting system.

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Water Flow Rate, Water Level, Water Meter Readings, Water Usage
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