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Power Analytics for Power Plant

Power Analytics for Power Plant -  Industrial IoT Case Study
Analytics & Modeling - Predictive Analytics
Machine Condition Monitoring

Given low power prices maintained by stagnant demand growth, a customer’s combined cycle power plant was staffed as leanly as possible. As such, a change in operational parameters went unnoticed by engineers at the plant.

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A Power & Utility Generation Company
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Monitoring hundreds of sensors per turbine on a daily basis, GE’s Asset Performance Management detected the change in operational parameters and generated daily reports revealing the specifics of this irregularity. In turn, GE’s IPRC engineers drew upon their depth of experience with Power analytics to acknowledge the severity of the increased spread and proactively notified the customer of this issue before it triggered equipment failure. As the spread increased, GE’s IPRC engineers recommended, during a weekly status update call, that the customer perform an inspection to determine the root cause of the increased spread. The inspection uncovered a defect in the equipment, so the customer planned downtime during which they replaced the faulty piece. Upon replacement, the operational parameter returned to model-predicted values.

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Equipment Status, Operation Performance, Overall Equipment Effectiveness, Process Parameters
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[Process Optimization - Predictive Maintenance]
Given GE IPRC’s inspection recommendation and the customer’s ability to proactively plan downtime for maintenance, the customer was able to eliminate the risk of a component failure which would have triggered catastrophic failure.
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