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PDPAOLA's eCommerce Success with Google Cloud Dataprep

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About The Customer
PDPAOLA is an online jewelry company that offers hundreds of unique, high-quality products. Founded in 2014, the company is a balanced combination of the creative and business worlds, working towards disrupting the jewelry industry. PDPAOLA operates on a global scale and uses a data stack that includes Shopify, Google Cloud, Dataprep, BigQuery, Stitch, and Data Studio. The company is committed to standing out in a crowded eCommerce market by leveraging data to gain more granular insights into its business operations.
The Challenge
PDPAOLA, an online jewelry company, was faced with the challenge of differentiating itself in a crowded market. The company's Shopify eCommerce platform provided high-level profit margin analytics, but PDPAOLA wanted to delve deeper into the data to uncover more granular insights such as net margins or contribution margins. As the company began to build out data pipelines using SQL on Google Cloud, it quickly realized that it would reach a scalability limit. Hiring additional SQL developers and training them on the company’s unique processes would require significant time and resources. PDPAOLA needed a platform that would increase automation, allowing it to scale without added expenditure.
The Solution
PDPAOLA chose Google Cloud Dataprep as it integrates natively with the Google Cloud Platform, enabling the team to quickly migrate its work to Dataprep. The team now uses Stitch to ingest a variety of data sources, Dataprep to build pipelines that clean and structure diverse data in BigQuery, and Google Data Studio for data visualization and reporting. Thanks to Dataprep’s automation, PDPAOLA has been able to advance its analytics efforts without hiring new employees. When new employees are hired, Dataprep's visual data flows allow them to quickly understand where data is coming from and how it’s being transformed. PDPAOLA uses Dataprep to fuel Data Studio dashboards that report advanced insights down to each individual SKU, enabling smarter and more precise business decisions.
Operational Impact
  • The implementation of Google Cloud Dataprep has brought about significant operational benefits for PDPAOLA. The company has increased its scalability, with just one employee now able to build and automate many different data pipelines. This has reduced the need for hiring additional staff, saving both time and resources. Furthermore, the visual data flows provided by Dataprep allow new employees to quickly get up to speed on data pipeline strategy. The ability to transform diverse data sources has also enabled PDPAOLA to gain more granular insights into its business, leading to smarter and more precise decision-making.
Quantitative Benefit
  • With Dataprep, one employee can build and automate many different data pipelines.
  • Dataprep reduces downtime and associated costs by allowing for quick identification and remediation of issues.
  • Dataprep enables PDPAOLA to transform diverse data sources for robust reporting in Data Studio.

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