Case Studies olOne for Condition Monitoring

olOne for Condition Monitoring

olOne for Condition Monitoring
Equipment & Machinery
Process Control & Optimization

Given to identical production pipe lines in an industrial plant each one with one motor equipment monitored by temperature and pressure sensors: check if the motors parameters on both production lines behave the same way. This operational context, requires that data processing system must be able to analyze in real-time more than 1M+ data points/s per sensors.

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Industrial plant

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Thanks to olOne technology this complex context can be handled by writing, through the IDE, this simple event: hol("temp1_line1","PT2H").trend().eq(hol("temp1_line2","PT2H").trend()).  and(     hol("pressure1_line1","PT2H").trend().eq(hol("pressure1_line2","PT2H").trend())  ) .is("Works well") Then, you can have your condition monitoring solution optimized for your device ready to run.

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Motor Metrics, Pressure, Process Procedure, Production Efficiency, Temperature
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Cutting Edge (technology has been on the market for < 2 years)
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[Efficiency Improvement - Production Uptime]
critical outages and unplanned downtime can be avoided by identifying potential equipment failure.
[Cost Reduction - Inventory Management]
Excessive inventory of spare parts to reduce downtime can be eliminated. Costly truck rolls can be prevented by sending the right supplies when needed.
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