Huawei Case Studies NB-IoT Boosts Smart Bike Sharing
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NB-IoT Boosts Smart Bike Sharing

NB-IoT Boosts Smart Bike Sharing - Huawei Industrial IoT Case Study
Functional Applications - Fleet Management Systems (FMS)
Networks & Connectivity - NB-IoT
Sensors - GPS
Business Operation
Fleet Management

Ofo Bike sharing company wanted to improve its user experience by providing seamless network connectivity to its users where they can locate bikes and pedal away quickly exactly when and where they need one, but challenge is to avoid frustration if user finds difficulties in finding bikes, unlocking the bikes and making payments

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Ofo a Beijing based bike sharing company is one of china's top bike rental company who provides users with mobile application to locate bikes using GPS positioning system where customer scans QR code on bike to unlock it. Ofo has operations across man
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Ofo Bike
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Huawei’s IoT solution, which includes smart chips, networking, and an IoT platform helped Ofo developed an IoT smart lock based on NB-IoT technology. This has enhanced and optimized life-cycle management for locks, while the sensors on the locks facilitate rapid maintenance, and boost marketing and value-added services.

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Asset Location, GPS Tracking, Number Of Connected Devices, Payment, Product Lifecycle
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[Efficiency Improvement - Operation]
Locating bikes at key locations much simpler and faster and gaining customer confidence.
[Data Management - Connectivity Stability]
NB-IoT provides strong coverage in poor-signal areas and a network capacity that’s more than one hundred times stronger than standard terminals for better user experience even during high demand locations.
[Data Management - Data Visualization]
On board sensors collect and update data for intelligent business management.

Faster payment : The payment process has dropped from 25 seconds to less than 5 sec.

Long lasting battery: The bike smart chip battery life has been lengthened from 1 or 2 months to more than 2 years, saving costs and reducing the need for frequent maintenance.

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