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Mellanox Technologies: Leveraging Cloud for Data-Driven Solutions

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 Mellanox Technologies: Leveraging Cloud for Data-Driven Solutions - IoT ONE Case Study
Technology Category
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) - Cloud Storage Services
  • Networks & Connectivity - Ethernet
Applicable Industries
  • Cement
  • Construction & Infrastructure
Applicable Functions
  • Product Research & Development
Use Cases
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Search & Rescue
  • Cloud Planning, Design & Implementation Services
  • System Integration
The Customer

Mellanox Technologies Ltd.

About The Customer
Mellanox Technologies is a multinational supplier of computer technology networking products that use InfiniBand and Ethernet technology. The company has multiple manufacturing sites around the world and produces a wide range of products, including adapters, switches, software, cables, and silicon products. These products are used in various markets, including high-performance computing. Mellanox is committed to accelerating product innovation and reducing the time to market for its products. The company believes that data is a catalyst for innovation and is always looking for ways to leverage software-as-a-service solutions to enhance its operations.
The Challenge
Mellanox Technologies, a multinational supplier of computer technology networking products, was facing challenges with its testing, research, and design infrastructure. The company, with multiple manufacturing sites worldwide, needed an infrastructure that was engineered for integration, easy data sharing, scalability, and unified support. The existing system was not providing the performance and reliability required to accelerate product innovation. Mellanox also needed to reduce the time to market for its products, including adapters, switches, software, cables, and silicon products for markets such as high-performance computing. The company was in search of a unified solution that was reliable, scalable, and cost-effective.
The Solution
To address these challenges, Mellanox made a strategic decision to implement NetApp® Cloud Volumes ONTAP® technology. This cloud storage solution was chosen for its ability to integrate with on-premises deployment, a feature that was a key requirement for Mellanox. After running a proof of concept for three months, Mellanox put the new solution into production. This solution features a cloud-based MongoDB database of production logs and other data. Mellanox uses Cloud Volumes ONTAP data management software for its production workloads and file shares, as well as for disaster recovery and backup copies. Manufacturing data logs are collected and saved in MongoDB through NFS and managed in Cloud Volumes ONTAP on Azure. Infrequently used, or 'cold', production data is offloaded to Microsoft Azure Blob storage, using the Cloud Volumes ONTAP tiering capability. Only frequently used data is kept on solid-state drives (SSDs) for quick access.
Operational Impact
  • The implementation of NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP technology has brought significant operational benefits to Mellanox. The company now has a unified, reliable, scalable, and cost-effective solution for its testing, research, and design infrastructure. The solution has also improved data management, with all of the company's data unified into one shareable, scalable, reliable, and cost-effective solution. This has given the system owner the freedom to focus on domain expertise rather than dealing with enhancing and maintaining the infrastructure. The data stored in Cloud Volumes ONTAP is shared and accessible, allowing production engineers to take logs from all Mellanox factories and analyze them for insights. The company can also share and scale environments to accommodate temporary innovation products and new initiatives, gaining the scalability and agility Mellanox needs.
Quantitative Benefit
  • Reduced time to market for products
  • Cost savings from offloading infrequently used data to Microsoft Azure Blob storage
  • Further cost savings from using only one NetApp solution

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