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Microsoft Azure Cloud Migration For Idea Management Tool

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Microsoft Azure Cloud Migration For Idea Management Tool   - Microsoft Azure (Microsoft) Industrial IoT Case Study
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High cost of hosting dedicated servers regardless of usage of the systems and resources 

Time required to have application provision for each new instance for end user clients

Time and resources required to manage servers, back up, and IT infrastructure in data center 

End user clients requiring storage of data in their own countries 

End user clients asking for on-demand scalability of resources on servers 

End user clients asking for secured certified data center with required compliances as per their IT security policy 

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The client is a consulting and software company based out of Edinburgh, UK, and has provided consulting and software tools for reputed organizations, such as the Scottish Parliament, the Welsh Assembly, Harvard University Law School's Global e-Parliam
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The project included in-depth redesign and reengineering as well as cloud migration to Microsoft Azure. Many end user clients were using the application, and it was important to ensure a seamless transition of data and application. 

Application Migration:

Migration of an application from single tenant to multitenant along with infrastructure migration from the Windows server to the Azure cloud platform. 

Multitenant and multilayered application architecture with logical boundaries between presentation layer, business layer, and data layer. 

Adding administrator interface to add new clients and manage Azure storage and database on the fly. 

Migration script was written for Azure storage and Azure database migration for each client to allow easy transition from the traditional Windows server to the Azure cloud platform. 

Two seperate environments were created within Azure cloud service for staging and production. Frequent updates and enhancements are applied within staging Azure cloud service and made available for review and quality testing. After approval, those enhancements are moved to production Azure cloud service.

Application Security:

Application security standards and best practices were implemented to ensure security at the application, data, and infrastructure leve, and it was tested with a combination of manual and automated testing tools, such as Burp and NetSparker. 

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[Efficiency Improvement - Compliance]
The migration to the Microsoft Azure platform has provided a secure, scalable, multitenant to the client, who is now able to meet stringent IT security and data storage compliance requirements of its end user clients. 

Reducement of costs for hosting and technical management. 

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