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Metroline Uses GreenRoad and Blink

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 Metroline Uses GreenRoad and Blink - IoT ONE Case Study
The Challenge

In 2015, Metroline, one of London’s largest bus companies with 4,100 drivers and 1,600 vehicles, started using GreenRoad in four depots to supplement another telematics system used elsewhere in the business. Five years later in 2020, Metroline selected GreenRoad for its entire fleet of buses in London.

The Customer
About The Customer

Metroline is a bus company operating services in Greater London and south Hertfordshire. It is a subsidiary of ComfortDelGro Corporation and operates services under contract to Transport for London. As of March 2021, the fleet consisted of 1,532 buses, making it the third largest London Buses operator.

The Solution

Deploying GreenRoad across the whole of Metroline proved to be more about employee relations than technical details. Metroline’s goal was to get extensive buy-in, not only from the drivers and operational managers but importantly also from the unions and all other departments within the company.

Because of a wide range of opinions on telematics amongst the drivers, engaging them was a key priority for Metroline’s GreenRoad implementation team. Green safety scores were publicized on a leaderboard, with drivers closely monitoring where they stood in the rankings.

Integration with Blink, Metroline’s internal corporate communications platform, was also an essential priority for GreenRoad. Each driver’s GreenRoad Safety Score, Team Ranking, personalized safety tips, and other information appear automatically on their Blink dashboard, alongside shift schedules, road closure updates, and other information that Blink provides. Blink’s messaging and communications channels also make it easy for drivers to share their statistics, discuss their scores with each other, and get their questions answered. 

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