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Lufthansa Innovates Aviation Demo With Augmented Reality

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 Lufthansa Innovates Aviation Demo With Augmented Reality - IoT ONE Case Study
Technology Category
  • Analytics & Modeling - Virtual & Augmented Reality Software
Applicable Industries
  • Aerospace
Applicable Functions
  • Sales & Marketing
Use Cases
  • Augmented Reality
The Customer
Lufthansa Technik
About The Customer
Lufthansa Technik provides maintenance, completions, repair, and overhaul (MRO) services for aircraft, and maintenance, repair, and MRO services for engines and components. The Lufthansa Technik Group consists of 32 companies with more than 25,500 employe
The Challenge

The shipping and installing the physical demo equipment to be displayed at trade show exhibitions is expensive, time consuming and requires significant manpower.

The Solution

The Lconnect AR app is using Wikitude Image Recognition technology to scan a marker image that adds a virtual 3D model of an antenna installation process (radome with satellite antenna inside). For trade shows, a 2m x 3m segment cutout of an aircraft fuselage was produced and positioned at the booth. The virtual augmentations sit on top of the aircraft fuselage and the projection has a 1:1 real-life scaling, which gives all viewers a high degree of immersion. 


Data Collected
Operational Impact
  • The Lufthansa Technik Lconnect AR app is enabling the sales staff to show detailed installation information and the USPs of Lufthansa Technik in terms of connectivity solutions.

  • The 3D models are split into 4 different layers which enable users to dive deeper into the structure and look inside the radome. 

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