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4flow: Enhancing Supply Chain Efficiency with Real-Time Data

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 4flow: Enhancing Supply Chain Efficiency with Real-Time Data - IoT ONE Case Study
Technology Category
  • Analytics & Modeling - Real Time Analytics
  • Functional Applications - Transportation Management Systems (TMS)
Applicable Industries
  • Automotive
  • Transportation
Applicable Functions
  • Logistics & Transportation
Use Cases
  • Real-Time Location System (RTLS)
  • Supply Chain Visibility
  • System Integration
The Challenge
4flow, a leading global provider of supply chain consulting, software and fourth party logistics (4PL) services, was facing a challenge in managing logistics networks proactively and efficiently due to a lack of real-time visibility. This lack of visibility resulted in increased costs from deviations and exceptions, such as late penalties and dispute management costs, and in worst cases, extended supply chain disruptions. Late identified delays meant the time needed to take preventative measures was lost, potentially leading to late fees and penalties. If shipping status data was not automatically exchanged between supply chain partners, time-consuming manual communication between carriers, customers and transport planners was also required. Additionally, carrier performance was difficult to manage without objective data. As a neutral 4PL that is not fleet-based, 4flow did not have access to real-time transportation data and was looking for a strong partner to provide visibility to its customers.
The Customer
About The Customer
4flow is a leading global provider of supply chain consulting, software and fourth party logistics (4PL) services. Each year, 4flow carries out more than 200 projects with clients all over the world. As a neutral 4PL, 4flow management handles the continuous planning, optimization, and management of a large number of transportation networks and global end-to-end supply chains on behalf of small to medium-sized companies as well as internationally operating companies representing a range of industry verticals. These include automotive, machinery manufacturing, consumer packaged goods and retail, life science and high tech. With over 700 employees, 4flow is a global partner for its customers at 17 locations in Europe, Asia, and in North and South America. The company’s global headquarters is in Berlin, Germany.
The Solution
4flow partnered with Shippeo to leverage its real-time transportation visibility to increase supply chain transparency and boost efficiencies for shippers, carriers, and end customers. The integration of real-time tracking information, provided by Shippeo, into 4flow’s IT system created the data layer necessary to identify deviations much earlier, thus reducing additional costs and unlocking the productivity and service benefits of real-time tracking. Now, 4flow’s transport execution teams can instantly trace a single part right down to the truck carrying it. These are displayed on a map within the platform and alert users if there is a delay. The information and transparency gained can be shared with customers at any time. This real-time data and optimized ETA calculation, combined with 4flow’s deep understanding of supply chain optimization, are helping to build more resilient and efficient supply chains for 4flow and Shippeo’s joint customers.
Operational Impact
  • By partnering with Shippeo, 4flow has created the necessary data layer to unleash the full potential of real-time tracking, thus enhancing the 4flow integrated transportation management system (iTMS). Accurate time of arrival calculations enable 4flow to optimally support its customers and assess impacts on processes and production faster. This has led to a significantly more efficient exception management. By integrating real-time tracking information provided by Shippeo into the iTMS, 4flow teams monitoring customers' logistics networks were able to detect deviations much earlier and thus reduce additional transportation costs. Resource utilization at warehouses and loading points was also improved, reducing transportation costs by double digits. Increased supply chain visibility has also increased efficiency and full transparency for carriers, customers, and transportation planners.
Quantitative Benefit
  • 5-10% reduction in dispute management time
  • 10-20% reduction of premium freight
  • 40-50% reduction of penalties

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