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Implementing Deacom ERP for Enhanced Quality Control in Nature’s One

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 Implementing Deacom ERP for Enhanced Quality Control in Nature’s One - IoT ONE Case Study
Technology Category
  • Functional Applications - Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP)
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) - Cloud Computing
Applicable Industries
  • Metals
  • Packaging
Applicable Functions
  • Facility Management
  • Process Manufacturing
Use Cases
  • Supply Chain Visibility
  • Track & Trace of Assets
  • System Integration
  • Testing & Certification
The Customer
About The Customer
Nature’s One is a leading company in the field of organic nutrition for babies, kids, and moms. The company is committed to exceeding the strict regulatory standards of the formula industry by setting a higher standard for purity and nutrition. They strive to uphold this reputation by ensuring the quality, sourcing, and testing of their products. Nature’s One is dedicated to maintaining a high hygiene environment in their facility and conducts daily internal quality control tests to ensure they maintain the highest purity standards in the industry. The company is constantly evolving to meet industry and regulatory requirements and is committed to providing the best possible products to its customers.
The Challenge
Nature’s One, a leading company in organic nutrition for babies, kids, and moms, was facing challenges in maintaining its high standards for product purity and nutrition due to the limitations of its existing systems. The company was using a mix of different solutions for various operations, including accounting and finance, which resulted in a lack of visibility and a long paper trail. The company could no longer rely on spreadsheets or disparate files for inventory, ingredients, and purchasing information. They needed a comprehensive solution that could streamline their operations, improve visibility, and help them uphold their commitment to product purity and safety. The solution also needed to be able to keep up with regulatory requirements without being bogged down by bolt-on customizations.
The Solution
Nature’s One found the solution to their challenges in Deacom ERP. This system is designed to eliminate the need for bolt-ons without requiring a compromise in systems. It brings all vital information – from supply chain to inventory and everything in between – into one system. This allowed Nature’s One to easily track every item received, its source, and where it is being stored. The implementation of Deacom ERP began in January 2012 and was fully live by May, with minimal disruptions to operations. Deacom ERP helps Nature’s One uphold high quality control standards to ensure optimal product purity and nutrition. It also helps the company track, pinpoint, and isolate the source of any issue so that actions can be taken to rectify the issue before it enters the ingredient stream in production. After a server crash in 2019, Nature’s One decided to invest in Deacom ERP’s Managed Cloud Services (MCS) to provide a higher level of system reliability and accessibility to users.
Operational Impact
  • The implementation of Deacom ERP has brought significant operational benefits to Nature’s One. The system has helped the company uphold its high quality control standards and ensure optimal product purity and nutrition. It has also improved the company's ability to track and trace each ingredient from the moment it enters the facility as a raw ingredient through its shipment as a finished good. This has enhanced the company's regulatory compliance and provided complete visibility into their operations. The system has also helped reduce the risk of human errors through the use of scanners throughout the facility, which records complete information for traceability purposes. Furthermore, the company has been able to eliminate its dependency on a locally installed version of Deacom ERP while still offering users the same level of access to critical information no matter where they are located.
Quantitative Benefit
  • Nature’s One was able to implement Deacom ERP in just five months with minimal disruptions to operations.
  • The company was able to avoid doubling or tripling its staff to handle the high volume of raw ingredients and supply inventory.
  • Since implementing Deacom ERP’s Managed Cloud Services, the company has experienced less security risks and faster processes, providing management with more timely reporting.

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