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IGEL's Transition to Cloud-Based Workspaces with Citrix on Azure

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 IGEL's Transition to Cloud-Based Workspaces with Citrix on Azure - IoT ONE Case Study
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  • Analytics & Modeling - Machine Learning
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) - Cloud Computing
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  • Cement
  • Construction & Infrastructure
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  • Construction Management
  • Infrastructure Inspection
  • Cloud Planning, Design & Implementation Services
  • System Integration
The Customer

IGEL Technology

About The Customer
IGEL Technology is a global company that has been offering innovative and powerful thin client solutions since 1989. The company has over 17,000 customers who use its products in their IT infrastructure. Over the years, IGEL has expanded its focus beyond slim terminals and has transitioned from a hardware manufacturer to a software provider. The company now delivers complete solutions for software-defined endpoints. With IGEL OS as the next-generation edge operating system, IGEL facilitates secure access to virtual and cloud-based working environments. The company is also adopting a 'Cloud First' strategy within its own organisation.
The Challenge
IGEL Technology, a global provider of innovative and powerful thin client solutions, was looking to transition from a hardware manufacturer to a software provider. The company aimed to deliver complete solutions for software-defined endpoints, facilitating secure access to virtual and cloud-based working environments. IGEL's IT Manager, Tim-Oliver Felsen, believed that the future of IT workstations would be heavily reliant on cloud services due to their user-friendliness, flexibility, cost benefits, and efficient management. The company had previously relied on an external service provider that operated a Citrix infrastructure for most of its IT users. However, IGEL wanted to take the next step and transform its virtual workplaces into real Cloud Workspaces.
The Solution
IGEL decided to combine Citrix Cloud and Microsoft Azure for migrating its infrastructure. The company was convinced by the technological possibilities offered by these platforms. Citrix's HDX technology provided high-performance access to applications with intensive graphics, even under challenging network conditions. Moreover, Citrix workloads could be run efficiently and in a highly scalable way in Microsoft Azure. The Citrix Cloud architecture concept was also a perfect match for IGEL's requirements. In the Citrix cloud model, Citrix is responsible for administration and operation of the management level, ensuring that all core components are always up-to-date. IGEL was able to seamlessly integrate its existing SAP environment, which continues to run in its data centre, as well as new SaaS offers and cloud services into the Citrix workspace. The cloud migration was assisted by SVA System Vertrieb Alexander GmbH, a computer retailer and a Citrix and Microsoft partner.
Operational Impact
  • The migration to Citrix Workspace in Microsoft Azure resulted in significant improvements in the performance and availability of IGEL's digital workplaces. Employees benefited from a highly reliable Azure platform, including guaranteed uptime for the resources provided. IGEL's IT department now has new tools to provide the best possible user experience. Citrix's Workspace Environment Management (WEM) service played a key role in this improvement. WEM uses machine learning technology to analyse application and user behaviour in real-time and intelligently adjust settings such as CPU performance and RAM. This solution significantly sped up the registration process, enabling employees to access all the applications in their digital workplace more rapidly. The migration also resulted in higher availability and greater stability of the environment, and IGEL's IT department was able to focus more on developing the digital workplace.
Quantitative Benefit
  • IGEL gained full transparency in terms of the running costs for its digital workplaces.
  • The company was able to cut costs with the new autoscale function from Citrix, which allowed the IT performance provided in Azure to be adapted more precisely to actual needs.
  • IGEL was able to prevent both costly oversizing of capacities and undersizing at the expense of user productivity.

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