Case Studies > Vonage Video API-Enabled grandPad: Bridging the Digital Gap for Seniors

Vonage Video API-Enabled grandPad: Bridging the Digital Gap for Seniors

Technology Category
  • Sensors - Camera / Video Systems
  • Sensors - Haptic Sensors
Applicable Industries
  • Electronics
  • Telecommunications
Use Cases
  • Facial Recognition
  • Smart Campus
  • System Integration
The Challenge
The senior community has been slow to adopt live video technology due to the complexity and intimidating nature of digital devices. Tiny controls and screens can be challenging for those with vision or mobility issues, turning what should be an enjoyable experience into a frustrating and isolating one. The team at GrandPad recognized these problems and aimed to create an inclusive device that would cater to the specific needs of seniors, enabling them to stay connected with family, friends, and caregivers at the touch of a button.
About The Customer
GrandPad is a tablet-based solution designed exclusively for seniors to connect them with family, friends, and caregivers. It is designed to be simple and intuitive, with no confusing buttons, no passwords, no pop-up ads, and with wireless connectivity and security built into the device. The GrandPad, enabled by the Vonage Video API, allows seniors to video chat, receive voice emails, and share photos with their loved ones on iOS and Android devices. The GrandPad is found in the homes of many seniors, including those suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia.
The Solution
The Vonage Video API was instrumental in the creation of the GrandPad. This fully customizable API allowed the GrandPad team to design the tablet interface exactly as they wanted, making it extremely simple for seniors to use. With no logins or usernames required and no separate video application needed, video calling is built right into the product. The Vonage Video API also runs seamlessly on 4G networks, which is crucial for the GrandPad as it operates on a mobile network, eliminating the need for a Wi-Fi connection. The API's archiving capabilities also enable GrandPad to offer a 'Capture the Memory' feature, which allows users to record their video chats and save them for later review.
Operational Impact
  • The GrandPad, enabled by the Vonage Video API, has had a significant impact on the lives of seniors. It has helped reduce social isolation and address the problem of loneliness among seniors. The simplicity of the GrandPad, with its finite number of options, makes video chats easier, enabling seniors to stay better connected with their loved ones, regardless of their location. The 'Capture the Memory' feature also allows users to record and save their video chats, capturing precious memories for the future. The GrandPad has been particularly beneficial for seniors suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia, enabling them to maintain a connection with their loved ones.

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