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Edgemesh's Web Acceleration Success with Fastly's Compute@Edge

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Technology Category
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS) - Application Development Platforms
  • Sensors - Temperature Sensors
Use Cases
  • Traffic Monitoring
  • Transportation Simulation
The Challenge
Edgemesh, a web acceleration company, was faced with the challenge of delivering fast and reliable websites for their customers, particularly in the ecommerce sector. Their customers required instantaneous response times and high-quality immersive experiences for their shoppers. Edgemesh was responding to 4-5 billion resource-level requests daily and needed a solution that could handle this volume while improving performance. The company's primary focus was on performance, and they needed a solution that could meet this need effectively. The challenge was to find a solution that could execute code at the edge near their customers at blazingly fast speeds, enabling highly personalized and interactive user experiences without any noticeable latency.
About The Customer
Edgemesh is a web acceleration company that helps businesses measure and optimize customer experiences, making site delivery often 2 to 10 times faster for their customers. They do this through both a client-side optimization platform and Edgemesh Server, which enables a simple, seamless transition to a high-performance headless environment. Edgemesh supports media companies and ecommerce customers in almost every vertical, responding to 4-5 billion resource-level requests daily. Their customers depend on them for fast, reliable websites, and they focus on ecommerce acceleration, aiming to provide shoppers with instantaneous response times and high-quality immersive experiences.
The Solution
Edgemesh turned to Fastly's Compute@Edge solution to meet their performance needs. Compute@Edge is a serverless compute environment built on top of Fastly's advanced caching platform. It is a general computing layer that sits between single- or multi-origin clouds and companies' end users, allowing developers to run code in a safe, microsecond execution environment, at scale, on the edge. This solution enabled Edgemesh to use domain unsharding, also known as connection coalescing, to limit the number of TCP connections and dramatically accelerate response times and page loads of their customers’ sites. Compute@Edge also helped Edgemesh Server run fully automatic dynamic rendering, serving a pre-rendered, optimized static HTML version of a site to index bots, while human customers still get a highly interactive, immersive version.
Operational Impact
  • The implementation of Compute@Edge led to significant operational results for Edgemesh. Customers reported a clear jump in conversion rates, with one customer achieving their first million-dollar month in history. The only change that month was that Edgemesh was leveraging Compute@Edge to make that customer's site run several times faster. Customers also reported an increase in organic traffic due to the pre-rendered, optimized static HTML version of their sites served to index bots. This led to more index pages and consequently, more organic traffic. The implementation of Compute@Edge was also quick, taking just three weeks, leading to faster results for Edgemesh's customers. The integration of Compute@Edge into their DevOps lifecycle contributed to their performance increases, and the real-time support from Fastly's engineering team enabled efficient problem-solving.
Quantitative Benefit
  • Edgemesh achieved a 5x improvement in time-to-first-byte (TTFB) in just the first few weeks of implementing Compute@Edge.
  • Request times were reduced by 2.5 times at the median.
  • Tail latency was reduced by nearly half an order of magnitude.

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