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Fast-Tracks Network Segmentation

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 Fast-Tracks Network Segmentation  - IoT ONE Case Study
The Challenge

Children’s Mercy has a diverse and growing inventory of specialized connected medical assets. It wanted to accelerate its Cisco ISE deployment (to cover unmanaged medical devices). Staff is experienced, but the collaboration between BioMed, Clinical Engineering, and Security lacked a common data foundation.

The Customer

Children’s Mercy Kansas City

About The Customer

Children's Mercy is a leading independent children's health organization dedicated to holistic care, translational research, breakthrough innovation, and educating the next generation of caregivers.

The Solution

Medigate’s ability to risk score inventory and correlate existing threats to potentially impacted devices established early project momentum and motivated leadership to push forward future phases of its Cisco ISE implementation. Autogenerated security policy baselines provided by Medigate reignited the project.

  1. ISE Device Profile Integration—Medigate sends device profiles to ISE that are automatically updated as changes occur.
  2. ISE SGTs for Segmentation—Device-specific security policies were also auto-generated and delivered to ISE. Leadership viewed this capability as game-changing.
  3. ISE SGTs for Enforcement—Leadership combined device-specific profiles with device-specific security policy (i.e. gained an understanding of the communications between groups of devices to apply SGTs) to close its enforcement loop.

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