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Enhancing Collaboration and Boosting Productivity with BIM 360 Design: A Case Study of Corstorphine + Wright

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About The Customer
Corstorphine + Wright is an award-winning architecture firm that has been providing innovative, high-quality architectural design solutions for over 40 years. The firm, founded in 1978, has grown to more than 140 employees based in eight offices across the UK, including London, Birmingham, Manchester, Warwick, Stourbridge, Glasgow, Canterbury, and Leeds. Known for integrating the latest technological advances, including 3D-based BIM, into its design processes, Corstorphine + Wright delivers innovative building solutions. With a growing team and an expanding project portfolio, the firm was keen to investigate how to further foster collaboration and promote effective working across its different offices.
The Challenge
Corstorphine + Wright, a UK-based architecture firm, was facing challenges in fostering collaboration and promoting effective working across its eight offices due to an expanding project portfolio and increasing design file sizes. The larger files were putting pressure on the firm's virtual private network (VPN), leading to longer upload and download times. The inability to update Building Information Modeling (BIM) models in real time was causing inefficiencies, as architects had to take notes during meetings and then return to the office to make edits. Clients, who typically want to interrogate a live model before making decisions, had to wait for follow-up meetings or calls to discuss the latest revisions. Additionally, the firm was grappling with data-protection issues and the high costs associated with the local storage required for each project.
The Solution
Corstorphine + Wright sought a solution that would allow the design team to make digital markups anywhere, anytime, and on any device for live updates to models. The firm needed a secure cloud solution that would enable real-time collaboration between colleagues and clients anywhere in the country. After trying several cloud-based solutions, the firm started using BIM 360 Design to coauthor and share its designs, primarily made with Revit. BIM 360 Design allowed Corstorphine + Wright to coauthor shared Revit models and manage deliverables throughout the project lifecycle. The cloud-connected Revit models enabled the architects, the wider project team, and the client to review design development in real time from any device. Design information could now be published to shared folders, allowing both design leads and clients to track project activity, file version history, and issue management in real time.
Operational Impact
  • The implementation of BIM 360 Design has brought about significant operational improvements for Corstorphine + Wright. The firm has been able to improve collaboration among colleagues, regardless of their location, without the need for time-consuming file transfers. Project leads can now view and comment on drawings on the move, enabling seamless remote work. The ability to present 3D geometry in meetings using web browsers has proved invaluable in design team meetings. The firm has also improved data protection by reducing the risk of loss through fire, theft, or hardware failure. The cloud setup has enabled teams to collaborate more effectively, improving workflows. Looking forward, Corstorphine + Wright plans to expand its use of BIM 360 products and is investigating technologies such as 3D printing and augmented reality to view digital models anywhere in any environment.
Quantitative Benefit
  • Boosted productivity by 25% by centralizing project information to one online workspace in BIM 360 Design.
  • Reduced model syncing time significantly, with models now being uploaded and synced in under a minute.
  • Saved money by drastically reducing local storage requirements, as BIM 360 Design allows the firm to store unlimited 3D Revit models, 2D CAD sheets, and other designs in a common project repository in the cloud.

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