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Shoptimize's Scalability and Performance Enhancement with Fastly's AI Solutions

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Technology Category
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS) - Application Development Platforms
  • Sensors - Temperature Sensors
Applicable Industries
  • Cement
  • Retail
Applicable Functions
  • Procurement
  • Quality Assurance
Use Cases
  • Traffic Monitoring
  • Transportation Simulation
  • Cloud Planning, Design & Implementation Services
  • Testing & Certification
The Challenge
Shoptimize, a pioneer of AI solutions for direct-to-consumer (D2C) retail platforms, was facing challenges in scaling its services. The company needed to provide a seamless online experience for its users, regardless of whether there were 5,000 or 5 million users online. The company was also looking for a next-generation Web Application Firewall (WAF) solution that could offer performance and PCI-DSS compliance at scale. Their previous WAF providers were not able to meet the caching challenge and were too expensive for effective customer onboarding. Shoptimize needed a solution that could offer predictable costs, scale as needed, and integrate with their existing tech stack. They also required a low-latency WAF to block spam traffic and bad bots without slowing down or blocking desirable traffic.
About The Customer
Shoptimize is a leading provider of AI solutions for retail and direct-to-consumer (D2C) platforms. The company's specialized SaaS platform is designed to scale so that retail/D2C brands can provide a friction-free online experience, regardless of the number of users online. Shoptimize is expanding its global footprint beyond India and APAC to support customers ranging from traditionally offline enterprises entering the eCommerce space to startups and digitally-native brands. The company's platform is relied upon by hundreds of D2C retailers for providing seamless shopping experiences, especially during peak times that are difficult to anticipate.
The Solution
Shoptimize found its solution in Fastly's edge cloud platform and WAF. Fastly's platform offered high cache hit ratios (CHRs) with the flexibility and control that empowered Shoptimize's developers to deliver fast and efficient ecommerce experiences. Fastly's WAF was able to block spam traffic and bad bots without affecting desirable traffic. The migration to Fastly's platform was simple, straightforward, and fast. Fastly's user-friendly onboarding included setup and support to align Shoptimize's VCL snippets with Fastly's configuration, ensuring flawless application performance after the changeover. Fastly's Image Optimizer was also used to seamlessly scale images at the edge to suit the end user's device, leading to a 30% improvement in page load times and higher conversion rates for Shoptimize's customers.
Operational Impact
  • The partnership with Fastly has enabled Shoptimize to deliver reliable performance at scale, which is crucial for their service delivery to end users. The company has been able to manage unexpected traffic spikes, serve personalized online experiences without bandwidth drain, and maintain high performance user experiences that power scalability across their platform. The use of Fastly's Fiddle sandbox environment has also empowered Shoptimize's developers to test configurations without risking the live environment, enabling them to push the boundaries of edge technology further without impacting production. As a result, Shoptimize has been able to maintain its position as a leading provider of AI solutions for retail and D2C platforms in a post-pandemic world.
Quantitative Benefit
  • During an unexpected 10x traffic spike, Shoptimize's infrastructure remained available and secured by Fastly’s network, handling traffic jump from 200 to 2000 requests per second for nearly a week.
  • With Fastly, Shoptimize achieved 95-98% average cache hit ratios (CHRs), significantly improving page caching speed.
  • Image personalization with Fastly's Image Optimizer led to a 30% improvement in page load times, translating to higher conversion rates for Shoptimize's customers.

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