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Digital Planet Boosts Data Performance with Cloud

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 Digital Planet Boosts Data Performance with Cloud - IoT ONE Case Study
The Challenge

Digital Planet wanted to provide a better data analytics experience for its customers, with full self-service reporting capabilities. However, it had substantially grown its data warehouse over many years of operations, and the gradual expansion of its business soon led to performance degradation.

Due to challenges experienced with the performance of its data warehouse, the company was limited in its ability to offer additional data-related services to its customers during office hours. Data refresh was done every hour and updates could take as long as 20 minutes, and this slowed down the reporting environment for customers – which it looked to rectify immediately.

As Digital Planet was looking to enhance its technology offering with both self-service reporting and embedded analytical reporting for its customers, it identified the clear need to optimize its current environment first. This required implementing the right analytics and business intelligence solutions in place that could fulfill all its various data-related objectives.

The Customer
About The Customer

Digital Planet is on a mission to enrich the lives of all South Africans with greater access to education and technology.

As a B2B2C enterprise with an ethos built on partnership, it sources and delivers tailored technology and education retail deals with full-service distribution directly to corporate customers such as banks and telcos, which these organizations can then offer to clients as part of a seamless value-add experience.

The company manages all touch points from product to client to consumers, such as sales, marketing, customer tech support, procurement, stock and call center order management, delivery, and warranty. Its partner network consists of educational institutions and leading technology brands such as Microsoft.

Digital Planet worked closely with Yellowfin and its partners AIGS and Exasol to enhance its data analytics offering by improving the performance of its growing reporting environment. The company has since significantly augmented its ability to provide the latest data-related services and self-service reporting tools to its many customers, while drastically optimizing its data warehouse costs and refresh performance from hours to minutes.

The Solution

Digital Planet has used Yellowfin and worked closely with AIGS, the official Yellowfin software distributor for the Sub-Saharan region, for seven years. It decided to expand upon its usage of Yellowfin analytics to align with its move from SQL to a more scalable data environment that could support the latest self-service BI for its clients.

With assistance from AIGS and Yellowfin, Digital Planet identified and evaluated its options and decided to form a partnership with Exasol, a high-performance analytical database software company and global partner of Yellowfin, in order to increase data warehouse performance through hosting its data warehouse in the cloud. “By using Exasol to power their data analytics, Digital Planet can now offer its customers faster and easier access to the insights they need to make truly data-driven decisions,” said Jurgen Fleiss, Head of Cloud Alliances at Exasol.

Exasol took the time necessary to take Digital Planet’s developers through its product and how it could greatly improve warehouse performance, before providing a hands-on walkthrough of its setup and support through the initial development build work. The joint effort between Exasol and Yellowfin helped Digital Planet understand how Exasol could align with its needs – and eventually deploy its solution in Microsoft Azure successfully. 

Digital Planet’s move from its legacy data warehouse to the cloud increased its data load and refresh performance instantly and significantly, and the inherent scalability of the cloud also further optimized its costs.

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