Atos Case Studies Developing a MyCity Vision for a Digital Birmingham
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Developing a MyCity Vision for a Digital Birmingham

Developing a MyCity Vision for a Digital Birmingham - Atos Industrial IoT Case Study
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Birmingham wanted to attract more investment, generate more employment, promote sustainability and offer a better quality of life to their citizens. Birmingham needed a solution that can solve the following problems: „lack of statutory authority to enforce specific technology requirements, absence of universal standards to disparate networks, fragmented and incomplete GIS information about city utilities, bureaucratic nature of civic planning processes, rising demand for high-speed connectivity and need for more bandwidth and power for data-intensive services.

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Birmingham City Council is the local government body responsible for the governance of the City of Birmingham which is the most populated local council in the UK.
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Birmingham City Council
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Atos was selected by the Digital Birmingham team to advise on the development of a comprehensive plan incorporating MyCity methodologies and approaches to digital city challenges. Atos marshaled resources and formed a working party with representatives from academia, business, the construction sector, planning departments and economic development community. Through planning policy workshops, research and deep analysis, Atos compiled a detailed picture and applied strategic insight to shape their recommendations. Software Components - Atos Smart City platform

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Energy Consumption Rate, Operation Performance, Parking Availability, Traffic Congestion Levels, Traffic Flow
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[Efficiency Improvement - Operation]
Free wifi and internet access were enabled around the city to increase city operation efficiency and economic activity.
[Efficiency Improvement - Operation]
Congestion was reduced with smart mobility solutions, including intelligent parking, electric vehicles and pay-as-you-go car hire.
[Efficiency Improvement - Operation]
Remote and home-based work were enabled to enable improvements in energy usage, traffic flow, and parking patterns.
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