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Delivers Business Differentiation to Vantron

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 Delivers Business Differentiation to Vantron - IoT ONE Case Study
Technology Category
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS) - Connectivity Platforms
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS) - Device Management Platforms
The Customer
Vantron Technology
About The Customer
Vantron Technology is a leading provider of low-power embedded system and software solutions to OEM/ODM customers. In addition to ready-to-run embedded systems, Vantron also provides assistance in application software development, tailoring its embedded s
The Challenge

Taking advantage of the fast growth of China and the growing demands in embedded computer systems, Vantron technology was established in 2002 by Silicon Valley professionals and headquartered in Chengdu, China. In addition to readyto-run low-power embedded systems, Vantron also provides assistance in application software development, tailoring its embedded systems based on customers’ requirements, and offering turn-key manufacturing services. With customers in industries such as healthcare, heavy equipment, vehicle tracking and telematics, looking for customized solutions, Vantron saw more and more customers looking for interconnectivity through the cloud so that they could access and interact with their equipment remotely

The Solution

“It was a natural progression for us to add connectivity into our devices and embedded systems” said Executive Vice President of North American operations, Easen Ho, “and when we looked at the marketplace, we identified ThingWorx as being the premier platform… it really stands above all the other platforms in terms of maturity and partnership ecosystem, and that will open Vantron up to more opportunities.” Vantron’ s customers use a range of operating systems on their embedded systems, from Linux and Windows to Android, all of which will be enabled with ThingWorx, and be “ThingWorx Ready”. Access to the ThingWorx IoT Platform will be built into those systems, so that customers can easily integrate them, and have access to those devices. “That’s on the enablement side” said Ho, “but Vantron will be ready to provide turnkey application service for those customers looking for one-click access to the ThingWorx cloud.” The rapid application development capabilities of ThingWorx were evident from the start, with Vantron’s engineers adding connectivity and completing the ThingWorx integration within 2-3 weeks. But that rapid application development was only a part of the story. “Brand recognition, the robustness, and the available partner ecosystem all had an important role to play in selecting the ThingWorx platform” says Ho, “Now all these advantages will be made available to Vantron’s customers.” To get a free demo of ThingWorx 8:

Data Collected
Connectivity Status, Number Of Connected Devices
Operational Impact
  • [Efficiency Improvement - Communication]
    Having intelligently connected systems and devices provides Vantron with a differentiated offering, providing an industry-standard way for Vantron's customers to have their devices easily connected with minimal effort.

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