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Datacor ERP: Improved Efficiency

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The Challenge

The company needed an effective, modern software system that would allow work more efficient and that would prioritize and complete customer orders in a timely fashion. They also needed a system that would enable them to use EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) for their major customers.

The Customer

deVan Sealants, Inc

About The Customer

deVan Sealants, Inc. is a nationwide OEM industrial sealant and adhesive producer who has supplied clients for decades with the highest quality, durable, dependable sealants, tapes, caulks, rolls, adhesives, industrial- and commercial-grade sealants, and foams.

The Solution

Modern software that allows working methodically. Datacor ERP's system does both formula base manufacturing and distribution very well.

Datacor’s software bolsters internal communication and organization allows to manage their products, inventory, and all customers. The visibility of orders allows working quickly and effectively. 

After implementing Datacor ERP, a significant increase in productivity due to using EDI with major customers.

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