Case Studies > Cultivating an Agribusiness with Automated Efficiency

Cultivating an Agribusiness with Automated Efficiency

 Cultivating an Agribusiness with Automated Efficiency - IoT ONE Case Study
Technology Category
  • Functional Applications - Fleet Management Systems (FMS)
  • Networks & Connectivity - Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS)
Applicable Industries
  • Agriculture
Applicable Functions
  • Business Operation
Use Cases
  • Vehicle Telematics
The Customer
Topcon Positioning Systems
About The Customer
Topcon Positioning Systems provides positioning technologies that serve a variety of industries, including farmers, surveyors, civil engineers and construction companies. Its agricultural business unit focuses primarily on applying innovative GNSS and sat
The Challenge
Agriculture is a difficult business and connected devices are becoming increasingly important on the farm, especially during peak times when equipment must work around the clock and achieving maximum productivity is crucial.
The Solution
With the help of Jasper's Control Center, telematics has been enabled for everything from basic fleet management and logging, all the way up to dashboarding, operator qualifications and metrics, quality metrics, as well as process improvement. This has enabled us to deliver better communication, efficiencies and productivity to farmers around the world.
Operational Impact
  • [Financial Growth - Profit Margin]
    Topcon is better able to solve real problems for farmers and help them become more effective in managing assets, as well as more productive with those assets and resources, that increases their profitability and and helps to grow their business.
  • [Financial Growth - Market Opportunities]
    Topcon is rapidly expanding into developing markets, bringing critical positioning technology to vast mega-farms that operate large equipment fleets. The company relies on Control Center to get information from multiple vehicle platforms to measure the effectiveness of equipment in the field. Having precise data about every piece of machinery and being able to measure the return on all inputs and resources used on the farm is helping farm operators around the world see the advantages of IoT and positioning technologies, driving adoption and contributing to Topcon’s success in new markets.

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