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Controlling and Monitoring Microgrids

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 Controlling and Monitoring Microgrids - IoT ONE Case Study
Technology Category
  • Functional Applications - Remote Monitoring & Control Systems
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  • Sensors - Utility Meters
Applicable Industries
  • Renewable Energy
Applicable Functions
  • Business Operation
Use Cases
  • Microgrid
About The Customer
Customers are likely to be vendors from the energy sector, especially those who specialize in renewable and microgrid technology.
The Challenge
Microgrid topologies offer several advantages over large traditional grids including increased resiliency and easier integration of distributed renewables. However, some challenges such as maintaining scalability and interoperability between diffferent vendors and connectivity protocol standards are challenges that have to be overcome in order to reap the benefits of such a system.
The Solution
A microgrid testbed is being developed that focuses on open technology that can help monitor and control a microgrid at the edge. Some of the solutions being tested include a programmable switch/recloser for protection scheme, Preventive Maintenance Research and open, flexible, field-deployable equipment for monitoring, algorithm design, and communication to a head-end system.

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