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Consolidating the IT landscape

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Consolidating the IT landscape - Bosch.IO (Bosch) Industrial IoT Case Study
Logistics & Transportation
System Integration
The IT architecture had grown over 15 years and the EDI communication was spread across several EDI server. This involved high efforts which were to be reduced with the introduction of an EAI standard software:

- Connection of about 100 partners and 400 customers, exchange of highly heterogeneous message formats, i.e. record structures, EDIFACT, customer specific formats, XML and binary files

- Connection to FTP, E-Mail, mailboxes (IBM, Eurolog, Telecom) and MQ-Series

- Reduction of maintenance and evaluation efforts, easy tracing of data flows, increase in performance, introduction of central error handling
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The Gebrüder Weiss GmbH is the biggest private owned freight forwarder in Austria and already exists for 550 years, has more than 3,500 employees.
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Gebrüder Weiss GmbH
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Within a proof of concept (POC) inubit BPM convinced thanks to its modern architecture, its modular construction and good user/role-concept. After a five day training, a core team of Gebrüder Weiss employees was able to conduct basic works independently:

- Conversion of FlatFiles, XML processing, connection to database and workflow management, error detection and correction within the POC

- Connection of individual applications, development of separate plug-ins for special tasks, definition of central data models, definition of a deployment process by the Gebrüder Weiss employees
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[Data Management - Data Security]
Clear IT architecture which ensures a safe and quick data transfer
[Cost Reduction - Maintenance]
Reduced error rate and maintenance costs due to less interfaces and media breaks
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