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Connected Street Lighting in Los Angeles

 Connected Street Lighting in Los Angeles - IoT ONE Case Study
Technology Category
  • Functional Applications - Remote Monitoring & Control Systems
Applicable Industries
  • Cities & Municipalities
Applicable Functions
  • Maintenance
Use Cases
  • Smart Lighting
The Customer
About The Customer
The Challenge
The 215,000 street lights in Los Angeles include more than 400 different styles distributed across 7,500 miles of roadway. Maintenance has traditionally depended on crews who scout the streets at night to identify outages— that, and calls from citizens. The bureau handles 40,000 such calls per year. They needed to find new technology that could improve customer service, make people feel safer, and create a more livable city.
The Solution
After piloting systems from several different managers, street lighting directory Ed Ebrahimian selected Philips CityTouch, “the best product at the lowest price.”

CityTouch capabilities that helped decide Ebrahimian included remote monitoring, automatic notification of outages and other events, easy installation and simple commissioning, accurate lighting asset information, integration with the bureau’s existing management systems, and futureproofing through software as a service delivery.

Technology Deployed:
• CityTouch software
• CityTouch connector node
Quantitative Benefit
  • Ability to remotely manage more than 100,000 street lights to create a more livable city

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