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Complex Discrete Manufacturing with ThingWorx Analytics

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 Complex Discrete Manufacturing with ThingWorx Analytics - IoT ONE Case Study
Technology Category
  • Analytics & Modeling - Machine Learning
  • Analytics & Modeling - Predictive Analytics
About The Customer
ABC Manufacturing operates 27 global manufacturing facilities, strategically located throughout the world, to provide direct support and services in close proximity to our international customers.
The Challenge

ABC faced two major issues when utilizing the data collected. One is the size, complexity, and disparity of the data collected would take lot of man-hours to process and evaluate. Two is real-time data cannot be put into use due to the nature of data science analysis.

The Solution

ThingWorx Analytics is a learning technology that automates advanced and predictive analytics. The technology uses proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to automatically learn from data, discover patterns, build validated predictive models, and send information to virtually any type of application or technology.


Data Collected
Facility Health Status, Humidity, Production Efficiency, Temperature
Operational Impact
  • [Efficiency Improvement - Maintenance]
    Cloud solutions enable aggregation of 'big data' to automatically detect patterns, anomalies, and flag machines for maintenance before downtime, manufacturing errors, or yield faults occurred.
  • [Efficiency Improvement - Maintenance]
    Real-time status reports enable maintenance personnel to remotely diagnose the status of a device.
  • [Data Management - Data Analysis]
    Data Mining, prognostics, diagnostics, and embedded intelligence are used to make ABB's production line smarter so that they can meet their customer's needs.
Quantitative Benefit
  • ThingWorx Analytics was able to quickly analyze billions of points of information to determine that a particular failure pattern occurred when product line 2 was running operation 4467ANX when the ambient temperature was between 77 degree celsius and 79 degree celsius.

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