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Case Study: Trident Network

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Case Study: Trident Network - Fusion Connect Industrial IoT Case Study
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Trident Network is a fast growing mid-market company that designs equipment and components that enable commercial & industrial customers to remotely sub-meterwater, electric or gas consumption. Sub-metering allows for monitoring of resource usage on any circuit or pipe inside a facility, creating granular information about resource usage. The key to their new product line is the MeterReader™, which overlays existing OEM meter technology installed in commercial facilities across North America, allowing management of older technology as well as leveraging newerTrident Network sub-metering products.

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Trident Network is a Texas based Systems Integration-Manufacturer, focused on the energy and water markets delivering next generation AMI and Smart Metering solutions.
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Trident Network
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The goal was to develop a connected product from the first day of company formation. As a new entrant to the market, the company needed to focus its energy and resources on the continuous development of its hardware and the communication components and firmware inside. To this end, Trident Network evaluated several IoT platform vendors as well as software developers that could create a custom solution. During the sales process with Autodesk® SeeControl®, Trident was able to use and test a functional meter reading system from the SeeControl template store and have it customized in one day to their unique needs. From there the decision was easy, as the solution was ready to launch. Since initial testing and rollout of SeeControl, Trident has been able to modify and extend their IoT product several times, without any programming or IT knowledge in house at all. And also without having to bring the system down for feature creation and deployment.

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Electricity Meters, Gas Meters, Water Usage
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[Efficiency Improvement - Energy]
The amount of energy used in production processes can be lowered and made more efficient.

Trident estimates using SeeControl enabled their market launch 10 to 20 times faster than if they had chosen to build a solution or leverage another IoT software vendor.

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