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Barclays Enhances Customer Experience with IBM BPM Solution

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Technology Category
  • Analytics & Modeling - Process Analytics
  • Functional Applications - Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP)
Applicable Industries
  • Finance & Insurance
  • Retail
Use Cases
  • Fraud Detection
  • Process Control & Optimization
About The Customer
Barclays is a global banking and financial services company operating in more than 50 countries and serving nearly 60 million customers worldwide. The bank offers a range of services, including retail banking, wealth investment, and mortgages. Barclays' customers engage with the bank through various channels, including mobile, online, and branch locations. The bank's relationship with its customers is multifaceted, with each customer potentially having multiple types of relationships with the bank. The challenge for Barclays was to improve the customer experience at every touchpoint, a task made complex by the 400 identified customer journeys.
The Challenge
Barclays, a global bank operating in over 50 countries and serving nearly 60 million customers, faced a significant challenge in improving and streamlining the customer experience. The bank's relationships with customers were multifaceted, with customers engaging with the bank through various channels such as mobile, online, and branch locations. The bank had identified 400 different customer journeys, and the challenge was to align these across the enterprise and improve them in a way that positively impacted customers quickly. The director of operations at Barclays, Mike Gamble, recognized the need to transform the bank's processes around customer journeys. He aimed to enhance the understanding of how various functions contribute to delivering customer experiences and then expedite the rollout time of these new processes to achieve the end goal for the customer.
The Solution
To address this challenge, Barclays adopted an IBM business process management (BPM) solution. This solution, which includes IBM Business Process Manager and IBM® Blueworks Live™ software, was designed to improve the visibility and control of customer processes. The Business Process Manager software helped Barclays incorporate discipline in how the bank thinks about customer journeys, including how it documents them, how well in control the bank is of those journeys, and how the customers feel about them. The cloud-based Blueworks Live software served as the central repository to document customer journeys, accessible to staff worldwide. The BPM platform's built-in process monitoring and analytics, along with easier access to process metrics, enabled Barclays to improve customer processes through simulations and comparisons. The solution also allowed Barclays to build solutions once and then deploy them many times over, providing scale and consistency in customer journeys and multichannel experiences.
Operational Impact
  • The adoption of the IBM BPM solution has significantly improved Barclays' operational efficiency and customer service. The solution has enabled the bank to assess and build an automated process for reporting lost or stolen debit cards and deploy the same process across different lines of business globally. The bank can now make many iterations and roll out new customer processes much faster, truly offering customer-centric experiences. The solution has also allowed Barclays to analyze 2.2 billion transactions annually for fraud, enabling them to identify the need to cancel payments on the first fraud hit and use SMS to contact the customer in real time. This has put customers in control, allowing them to respond in real time.
Quantitative Benefit
  • Barclays can now roll out new customer processes 88 percent faster, reducing the time from two years to 13 weeks.
  • Customers can now report lost or stolen debit cards using their preferred channels and receive replacement cards 67 percent faster than before, reducing the wait time from six to two working days.
  • Barclays increased its customer satisfaction around automated, multichannel services from a negative Net Promoter Score (NPS) to an NPS of 70.

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