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AxFina Finds Speed and Regulation with Azure Migration

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 AxFina Finds Speed and Regulation with Azure Migration - IoT ONE Case Study
The Challenge

When Central and Eastern Europe focused on asset and loan servicer AxFina Holding S.A acquired Hungarian leasing company Lombard Lízing Zrt., they had just a few weeks to replace Lombard’s infrastructure that had reached the end of its life cycle. With AxFina’s desire to innovate and scale and regulatory requirements looming, they turned to Hungarian IT company DIGITAL Kft. to help them migrate the entirety of its IT applications to the cloud. Microsoft Azure became the ideal solution to ensure AxFina maintained security, regulatory compliance, and speed.

A team effort for migration

For systems integration, DIGITAL Kft. partnered with, one of the largest Microsoft cloud hosting indirect partners in Hungary, managing more than 40,000 CSP licenses.

AxFina had long hosted its own IT infrastructure in Hungary with in-house datacenters. However, this legacy system was approaching end of support and AxFina needed to find an alternative solution that would not only enable them to significantly reduce costs but even more importantly support AxFina’s growth across jurisdictions and product innovation.

The trust between DIGITAL Kft. and and cooperation with Microsoft Hungary was pivotal in helping AxFina meet its needs. DIGITAL Kft. helped safeguard AxFina’s budget, while was able to formulate the Microsoft request without the need for a strategy and planning workshop, as it already contained all the necessary information to build the business use case.

The Customer
About The Customer

Establishment of SEE servicing platform with current regional hubs in Croatia and Slovenia.

Foundation of AxFina Holding SA, headquartered in Vienna, Austria. A pan-European financial service provider, merging all previous acquisitions, markets, and know-how together under one roof.

Acquisition of Lombard Leasing Group - fully licensed leasing operations providing Business Process Outsourcing and Loan Servicing. Rebranding the Group to AxFina Hungary.


The Solution

Azure as the solution

AxFina had also been considering a local cloud solution provider but chose Microsoft Azure for its many benefits, including cost reduction, scalability, and compliance with regulatory requirements and security standards. Azure is also able to offer the reach and scale to support expansion thanks to its worldwide operations.

DIGITAL Kft. and approached local Microsoft cloud architects to assist in a tight timeline lift and shift migration to Azure. The two worked closely to successfully migrate AxFina Hungary’s entire on-premises environment to Azure, by following the best practices described in the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework. And the experienced engineering team at DIGITAL Kft. worked tirelessly to meet the strict deadline for the migration.

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