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The Challenge

1. AUTOSAR RTE R4.0.3 Module development

Faststream Technologies is providing Embedded designs along with the input configurations to the Tools team for captured requirements in RTE and documenting

2. AUTOSAR Stack for Battery Management for Tier-I

We are providing the onsite support for RTE Interfaces Analyzing System Extract and preparation of Software and ECU Description Faststream has worked for the RTE Interface of CDD modules Worked on Integration of Modules and Testing of Stack

3. AUTOSAR COMMUNICATION(Ethernet) stack integration and testing

Faststream Technologies has configured the AUTOSAR Communication stack (Com, tcpip, soad, ethif, ethsm, pdur etc.) using tool K-SAR and integrated using GHS Compiler. Faststream’s Designer has used the Lauterbach Trace32 debugger in the MPC5784g microcontroller and tested the stack using python scripts. Faststream Technologies used the configuration management tools like SVN and RTC to store the code and test reports Our Engineers have implemented the update and configuration management (UCM) in AUTOSAR adaptive platform using C++14

Faststream is providing services for updating the software and its configuration running on AUTOSAR adaptive platform Faststream communicates with dependent components like (Diagnostics, state management, and execution management) using SOME/IP

The Solution

With a unique requirement to fetch the legacy software as well as develop the new software for a number of variants of ECUs, Faststream Technologies has provided a unique solution by commonly implementing the base software one for single-core and another for multi-core processors.

In addition to this, Faststream Technologies has simplified the developmental process using IBM’s Application Lifecycle management tools and the plethora of Vector tools like PReeVision, DaVinci Developer, Developer, CaNoe, CANalyzer, Altium’s Tasking compiler, and Green Hills debugger.

In order to configure all the I/Os for all the different variants, Faststream has also developed a common Complex Device Driver Suite. To facilitate the software testing before the hardware procurement, virtual target testing was implemented to accelerate the development and reduce the cost of functional testing.

Operational Impact
  • Faststream Technologies has designed and implemented the Application Software Components for DIM, DCL, POWC, HEATM Modules

Quantitative Benefit
  • Less time for development and more rigorous automated, functional, and virtual testing means the final software obtained is very high in quality and reliability.

  • Due to the rapid development of the ECUs, our customer is currently putting into production vehicles implementing various new functionalities, thereby increasing the sales figures of the OEM.

  • Efficient management and distribution of work which reduced the developmental time, effort, and costs;For example, each ECU took only 1700 Man hours to fully configure and implement.

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