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Autodesk's Adaptive Learning and Certification for IoT Professionals

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Technology Category
  • Functional Applications - Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)
Applicable Industries
  • Cement
  • Education
Applicable Functions
  • Product Research & Development
  • Quality Assurance
Use Cases
  • Construction Management
  • Manufacturing Process Simulation
  • Testing & Certification
  • Training
About The Customer
The customers of Autodesk's learning and certification program are professionals and innovators in the manufacturing, architecture, engineering, and construction industries. These individuals are looking to upskill or reskill to stay on the edge of industry convergence and changing roles. They may be starting their careers or looking to expand their skillset in their current roles. These professionals value continuous learning and are seeking a flexible, self-paced learning solution that allows them to build, validate, and showcase in-demand skills. They also value the recognition that comes with earning an industry-recognized certification.
The Challenge
The rapidly evolving nature of industries such as manufacturing, architecture, engineering, and construction presents a significant challenge for professionals in these fields. The convergence of roles and disciplines necessitates continuous learning and skill development to stay at the forefront of industry trends. Traditional learning methods may not provide the flexibility and adaptability required for these professionals to upskill and reskill effectively. Furthermore, there is a need for a reliable way to validate and showcase these newly acquired skills to accelerate career growth.
The Solution
Autodesk has introduced a new learning and certification program designed to meet the needs of today's adaptive industry professionals and innovators. The program offers self-paced learning, allowing individuals to extend their skills at their own pace. It includes free courses, tutorials, and learning modules. To validate and showcase the skills acquired, Autodesk provides industry-recognized certifications. These certifications cover a range of areas including architecture, engineering, construction, product design, and manufacturing. The learning journey is personalized, with Autodesk connecting learners to the path that's right for them, tracking their progress, and helping them discover the next steps on their learning journey.
Operational Impact
  • The operational results of Autodesk's learning and certification program are qualitative in nature. The program enables professionals to extend their skills and stay at the forefront of industry trends, thereby increasing their competitiveness in the job market. By earning an industry-recognized certification, they can showcase their skills and accelerate their career growth. The program also connects learners to a global community of Autodesk innovators, providing opportunities for networking and collaboration. Furthermore, the program supports a lifelong-learner mindset, which is crucial for success in the future of work as roles, disciplines, and industries continue to converge.

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