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ABN AMRO's Transformation with Designer Cloud

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About The Customer
ABN AMRO is a leading bank in the Netherlands, with a primary focus on Northwest Europe. The bank provides a range of services and solutions, including loans and mortgages, to both companies and individuals. Data is at the heart of ABN AMRO's strategies, playing a crucial role in enhancing customer experience and optimizing processes around compliance and regulations. The bank's commitment to data-driven decision making and its ambitious analytics goals underscore the importance of efficient and effective data management and analytics in its operations.
The Challenge
ABN AMRO, a leading bank in the Netherlands, was facing significant challenges with its data management and analytics. Data is central to ABN AMRO's strategies, including improving customer experience and optimizing compliance and regulatory processes. However, fulfilling data requirements for business users was a slow process, often taking up to two days. This delay was further exacerbated as the bank dealt with new and more complex data. The bank's data architecture was underpinned by an outsourced data center (IBM) and legacy tooling (SAS/Informatica), which were costly, inflexible, and not conducive to agile analytics. ABN AMRO recognized that its ambitious analytics goals were not aligned with its existing data technology.
The Solution
To address these challenges, ABN AMRO overhauled its data technology, migrating from an outsourced IBM data center to the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform. This modernization brought about a significant shift in data management. Instead of a small team managing the data, it was democratized across the organization through the Designer Cloud. This meant that business users could access the data they needed instantly, without having to wait for days. The Designer Cloud also allowed users to quickly get to the root of the value in the data and share their work with colleagues, contractors, and stakeholders. In addition to generating new analytic value, ABN AMRO also significantly reduced costs by cutting legacy contracts.
Operational Impact
  • The implementation of Designer Cloud has brought about significant operational benefits for ABN AMRO. The bank has been able to implement a new automated regulatory reporting framework that accelerates previous manual efforts. This has not only improved efficiency but also the quality of data, with an 80% reduction in manual data adjustments. The democratization of data across the organization has also enhanced collaboration and sharing of insights among colleagues, contractors, and stakeholders. Furthermore, the shift to the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform and the reduction of legacy contracts have resulted in significant cost savings for the bank.
Quantitative Benefit
  • 80% reduction in manual data adjustments for business users
  • 40% TCO savings by replacing SAS/Informatica with Designer Cloud
  • 2 days saved in awaiting data requirements, which are now instantaneous

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