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 H800L IoT Ball Valve  - IoT ONE Case Study
  • 分析与建模 - 机器学习
  • 分析与建模 - 预测分析
  • 基础设施即服务 (IaaS) - 其他
  • 网络与连接 - 网关
  • 石油和天然气
  • 维护
  • 机器状态监测
  • 预测性维护
Ham-Let 是阀门、配件和仪表的领先制造商。

Ham-Let 是阀门、配件和仪表的领先制造商。该行业的主要挑战之一是识别故障并在造成任何损坏之前关闭适当的阀门。然而,识别故障原因并快速隔离阀门通常是一项艰巨的任务。



H800L 物联网阀门是一种工业解决方案,包括阀门和网关设备管理。除了制造和测试数据之外,还可以检索每个阀门的参数和历史数据,包括阀门打开和关闭的次数。


  • [Efficiency Improvement - Production Uptime]
    Improved efficiency – the IoT valve is able to quickly detect malfunctions and automatically shut off to prevent further complications based on real-time data collected. This reduces the downtime of the process and allows rectification actions to be carried out, including changing the valve before it dies. 
  • [Cost Reduction - Total Cost Of Ownership]
    the valve reduces the customer’s total cost of ownership by removing the need for peripheral sensors, and their associated fittings. Moreover, the IoT H800L Ball Valve provides E2E solution for management and a variety of services which reduces the
  • [Product Improvement - Flexibility]
    The IoT H800L Valve is built on an open architecture, utilizing common communication protocols and built-in integration to common IoT clouds, which allows it to be integrated into current customer framework. The IoT valve can also be quickly customized, a
  • Complete control - The valve can sense the media and surrounding conditions and react acoordingly by opening/closing according to rules on differential pressure or other sensor rules. The media and surrounding conditions can be viewed and the valve can be controlled from the valve level all the way to the cloud level. There are 3 ways to operate the valve: physically with the help of a human operator; digitally through the cloud; or automatically based on preset parameters from the valve gateway or cloud. 

  • Getting Real Time Data -  Integrates 7 different sensors into one valve, removing the need to purchase and link up these 7 different sensors separately. Therefore, the valve is compact, with only one wire coming out from it. The sensors provide accurate, real-time, and actionable data that can be used immediately for Data Analytics and Data Visualisation. 

  • Health Indicator - The valve is able to predict in advance when its operation will start to change. Therefore, the valve is able to predict its own failure before the valve actually fails. This is valuable because the valve can be changed before its life cycle ends. 


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