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Gexa Energy 与 AutoGrid 合作在 ERCO 提供新的需求响应计划

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 Gexa Energy and AutoGrid's Innovative Demand Response Programs in ERCOT - IoT ONE Case Study
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  • 传感器 - 电表
  • 可再生能源
  • 公用事业
  • 需求计划与预测
  • 基于使用的保险
  • 数据科学服务
  • 系统集成

Gexa Energy是美国发展最快的零售电力供应商之一,自 2002 年以来一直为德克萨斯州的住宅和商业客户提供服务。我们为客户提供负担得起的电力计划,所有 Gexa Energy 住宅计划都是 100% 环保的!

Gexa Energy 很自豪能成为 NextEra Energy Resources 的全资子公司,NextEra Energy Resources 是美国最大的电力批发生产商之一,并通过专注于清洁和可再生能源成为行业领导者。 NextEra Energy Resources 利用风能、太阳能、天然气和核能发电。他们是世界上最大的风能和太阳能可再生能源发电机之一,并相信为我们的国家提供能源应该对环境的影响最小。

从一开始,Gexa Energy 就一直致力于为德克萨斯州的客户提供服务并帮助我们当地的社区。我们的员工和客户通过金钱和时间来支持联合之路和许多其他帮助我们德州同胞的当地项目。


为满足 C&I 客户的需求而量身定制的需求响应。

德克萨斯州领先的零售电力供应商 Gexa Energy 需要为其商业和工业客户提供强大的需求响应解决方案。


Gexa 与 AutoGrid 合作,为其客户提供基于分析的高级需求响应计划,使他们能够从需求响应和分布式能源资源中最大限度地节省能源。反过来,Gexa 也增强了向客户提供个性化服务的能力,提高了他们的盈利能力并建立了更牢固的长期关系。

  • The partnership between Gexa Energy and AutoGrid has resulted in the introduction of three new demand response programs that help customers implement smart energy strategies that meet their business objectives. The ControlComm platform, powered by AutoGrid, provides customers with a superior experience throughout the demand response program lifecycle – from enrollment and device provisioning, to energy use and load shed analysis, to personalized notifications and timely customer feedback. It gives customers the ability to analyze historical and interval energy data, delivering them personalized notifications on cost-savings opportunities via email or the ControlComm customer portal. This has enabled Gexa Energy to provide personalized services to their customers, increase their profitability, and forge stronger long-term relationships with them.
  • Customers with usage in excess of 100 kilowatts can receive payments for supporting grid stability through the ERS program.
  • Customers can reduce their transmission cost of service charges the following year by participating in the 4CP program.
  • Customers can get paid based on the length of the time interval and the market price of electricity during the time interval by reducing their electricity usage below their calculated baseline during high real-time market prices for electricity through the RTPR program.

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