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爱立信的蜂窝车联网 (C-V2X) 平台

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 Ericsson's Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything (C-V2X) Platform - IoT ONE Case Study
  • 网络与连接 - 蜂窝
  • 汽车
  • 运输
  • 车载远程信息处理



维多利亚州交通部(前身为 VicRoads)的未来车辆技术经理解释说,“人为错误是导致道路交通事故的重要原因”,这意味着与明显危险的驾驶相比,注意力或判断的瞬间失误更有可能导致事故。


爱立信为雷克萨斯提供蜂窝车联网 (C-V2X) 平台。运行案例,Telstra 优化了 4G 网络以实现极低延迟的通信。雷克萨斯澳大利亚提供了两辆雷克萨斯 RX 450h SUV,它们使用爱立信的 C-V2X 平台相互连接,连接到带有云服务器的交通管理中心,以及维多利亚州交通部的实时交通数据。

  • Ericsson’s C-V2X technology is based on a wide area network, leveraging existing 4G in these communications without the need for deploying additional physical infrastructure, effectively creating virtual RSUs (Roadside Units).

  • Unique life-saving use cases to increase trafic safety

    1. Slow/stopped vehicle warning: Vehicles that are broken down or traveling slowly send out an alert to warn other drivers of their potentially hazardous position, including around corners or behind obstacles where hazard lights aren’t visible.
    2. In-vehicle speed advisory: Information from the road authority regarding speed limits, including variable or recently changed
    3. limits, is communicated to the vehicle based on its location.
    4. Red light violation warning: Vehicles approaching intersections receive data about the timing of traffic lights, and drivers nearby are warned if the speed of a nearby vehicle indicates that they are likely to run a red light.
    5. Emergency electronic brake light: When a leading vehicle brakes suddenly, an alert is triggered to warn surrounding cars traveling in the same direction. This alert is delivered before forward collision radars and other sensors would be able to detect the hazard.
    6. Right turn assist/pedestrian warning: The road infrastructure communicates the presence of crossing pedestrians or bicycles at an upcoming intersection to the vehicles using the C-V2X platform, to alert the driver before the road users are visible.
    • The end-to-end (E2E) latency (i.e. the full journey of data from the vehicle, through the C-V2X platform and back to the vehicle) was under 50ms for 95 percent of trials in a test area based on Telstra’s public 4G network.
    • With a high-performance QoS link and Ericsson’s C-V2X platform, a number of unique C-ITS use cases were successfully tested and demonstrated over Telstra’s public network, with near real-time responses (about 30–50ms) achieved.

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