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 China Mobile Smart Parking  - IoT ONE Case Study
  • 功能应用 - 远程监控系统
  • 基础设施即服务 (IaaS) - 其他
  • 网络与连接 - 窄带物联网
  • 城市与自治市
  • 商业运营
  • 智能停车
中国移动已经实施了两个独立的 NB-IoT 智能停车系统。第一个涉及在云南智能停车项目确定的 4000 个停车位中安装智能停车传感器。二、在东南桂

由 NB-IoT 技术提供支持的智能停车使驾驶员更容易找到免费停车位。城市可以更好地管理他们的停车资产,从而最大限度地提高他们的收入。寻找停车位的司机通过盘旋和寻找可用停车位来制造拥堵和污染。智能停车服务能够通过将驾驶员直接引导至停车位来显着缓解这些问题。


中国移动已经实施了两个独立的 NB-IoT 智能停车系统。第一个涉及在云南智能停车项目确定的 4000 个停车位中安装智能停车传感器。二是在黔东南,涉及重点停车场周边共6套出入口系统,结合300多个停车位的停车管理系统。这两个实施旨在展示 NB-IoT 的智能停车能力和中国移动的智能停车服务。停车系统利用安装在每个停车位的传感器,能够检测空间何时被占用,并通过 NBIoT 网络发送状态。停车服务员和停车管理人员可以使用平板设备监控空间占用情况。使用传感器和 NB-IoT 网络意味着可以在空间被占用后立即开始充电,以确保准确计费。

中国移动在其 NB-IoT 网络上投入巨资,其合作伙伴 DTmobile 提供 NB-IoT 网络设备。这意味着覆盖范围很广,允许安装在停车位中的传感器可靠地连接到网络,以确保服务可用。

Battery Charge Level, Capacity Utilization, Network Coverage, Per-Unit Maintenance Costs, Vehicle Location Tracking
  • [Data Management - Connectivity Stability]
    Coverage – Improved coverage offered by NB-IoT over existing mobile networks means that China Mobile have been able to connect smart parking sensors in locations where coverage would of previously been harder to discover. Parking sensors are embedded into pavement of the parking bay, which is normally under a vehicle and often within a large parking garage. These are challenging conditions to obtain coverage, but NB-IoT has proven that it is able to connect sensors even in these challenging conditions
  • [Efficiency Improvement - Energy]
    Low power consumption – NB-IoT is designed to use small amounts of power and to be battery powered in many scenarios. This is an important attribute for smart parking sensors, as it is unlikely that they will access to mains power and so must be battery powered. Nb-IoT modules are designed to offer a battery life of many years, meaning that the sensors can be installed without regard to the location of power supplies and will need very little maintenance in the years ahead
  • [Cost Reduction - Maintenance]
    Low cost – NB-IoT has created a simpler way to manage parking across the different pilot implementations has led to reduced management and maintenance costs. The ability to remotely monitor the status of parking bays, bill more accurately and increase the utilization of parking bays means that revenue generated is higher and the costs to monitor and maintain the parking bays are lowered.

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