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由 AWS 托管的 Brooks Brothers 解决方案

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 Brooks Brothers' Solution Hosted By AWS - IoT ONE Case Study
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  • 基础设施即服务 (IaaS) - 云计算
  • 基础设施即服务 (IaaS) - 云存储服务
  • 基础设施即服务 (IaaS) - 虚拟私有云
  • 零售
  • 网络安全
  • 云规划/设计/实施服务
Brooks Brothers 成立于 1818 年,是美国领先的时装零售商之一。该公司以其男士、女士和儿童的衬衫、西装、运动服和配饰而闻名。布鲁克斯兄弟总部位于纽约市

Brooks Brothers 经常推出新的业务计划,帮助公司在零售行业保持竞争力。该组织需要一种更灵活的方式来快速测试这些新项目。 Brooks 基础设施和技术工程总监菲利普米勒说:“当我们着手一项新计划时,就像零售行业的任何事情一样,从最初的想法到解决业务需求的时间都很短,这是由消费者偏好驱动的。”兄弟。 “我们非常擅长部署将在我们的数据中心长期存在的技术,但我们一直在努力为测试新项目筹集资源。我们希望在将概念转移到我们可以轻松访问并可能进入生产环境的环境中变得更加敏捷。”

该组织还在寻求一种更具成本效益的方式来管理其 SAP HANA 内存数据库管理系统,该系统将支持新的客户关系管理 (CRM) 应用程序。 “当我们在 SAP HANA 上实施 CRM 系统时,我们希望节省资金,并且我们还希望能够在该平台上测试新项目,”Miller 说。


为了实现敏捷性和成本节约,Brooks Brothers 决定将其 SAP HANA 平台迁移到云端。在考虑了领先云提供商的解决方案后,该组织认为 Amazon Web Services (AWS) 提供了最佳解决方案。 “AWS 完美地满足了我们对敏捷性和规模的需求,并且它们在市场上享有盛誉,”Laher 说。 “此外,我们知道 AWS 能够为我们提供 SAP 以外的解决方案。”

Brooks Brothers 使用 AWS SAP HANA 快速入门参考部署指南将其 SAP HANA 系统迁移到 AWS,从而开始了其云之旅。通过快速入门指南,Brooks Brothers 能够使用 AWS CloudFormation 脚本轻松部署和构建其 SAP HANA 集群。 “如果没有 CloudFormation 模板,我们将不得不安装 Linux 机器,对其进行配置,然后在其上安装 HANA 应用程序,”Miller 说。 “使用 AWS SAP HANA 快速入门,我们只需按几个按钮即可获得功能正常的 SAP HANA 解决方案。”

  • [Efficiency Improvement - R&D]
    Brooks Brothers now has the agility it requires to test and launch new projects in a short time frame. “With our SAP and SAP HANA systems on AWS, we can spin up instances in a matter of hours, which wasn’t an option in our previous world,” says Laher. “It would previously take weeks to set up a test environment on SAP HANA, including getting approvals to do the project and ordering and setting up the appliance.”
  • [Product Improvement - Scalability]
    The organization can now scale its applications globally whenever necessary. “The geographic network capacity in AWS is very important to us,” Miller says. “For example, with AWS Direct Connect, interregional communications will traverse the AWS backbone, which is always going to be bigger and more widely distributed than what we could ever offer.” And expanding SAP applications to more users will also be simple. “At the drop of a hat, we can scale to the point where we can get more capacity without any downtime,” says Laher. “Using AWS, we can work toward a single-instance global model where we can install once and deploy anywhere.”
  • [Efficiency Improvement - Operation]
    As it moves additional business-critical SAP applications to AWS, Brooks Brothers expects to continue to save time and money and be able to direct more energy toward its goals. “Using AWS helps us concentrate more on our priorities,” says Laher. “Instead of putting our resources into maintaining our infrastructure, we can focus solely on initiatives that can elevate our business and add more value to our customers.”

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