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Streamline Product Licensing - VMware Tanzu Industrial IoT Case Study
Streamline Product Licensing
Quickly Developing Licensing Applications to Improve the Product Licensing ProcessToday, EMC has a huge and varied technology portfolio with approximately 80 different product lines with multiple products in each. Additionally, products are sold to different market segments and different market types. This creates a significant challenge as multiple licensing algorithms and schemes are required to support EMC’s broad portfolio of products.According to Brian Walsh, Architect for Licensing Applications, EMC IT, the company is always adjusting the way it delivers products to meet market changes, and it needs to be able to support quickly changing licensing schemes, how products consume licenses, as well as the whole lifecycle of license management.“We have to be able to react very quickly and support a global customer base,” says Walsh. “We need a platform that allows us to rapidly build licensing applications to support the complete lifecycle of licensing agreements that EMC has with customers.”
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Mobilizing Talent and Technology to Transform Operations - VMware Tanzu Industrial IoT Case Study
Mobilizing Talent and Technology to Transform Operations
Around 15% of the French company’s 65,000-person workforce is made up of software engineers. And software plays a key role in nearly all of its products, largely critical systems for the aerospace, transportation, and defense industries.Customers are becoming more sophisticated in their software usageThales noticed a shift in expectations as its customers became more sophisticated in how they used software to serve their own clients. Thales’ software engineers needed to adopt modern software development methodologies, such as continuous integration/continuous development, to increase release velocity and to deliver new products and services to market faster, as its customers expected. 
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